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Ïåðåâîä ïåñåí fort minor: ïåðåâîä ïåñíè cigarettes, òåêñò ïåñíè. ëèíãâî-ëàáîðàòîðèÿ àìàëüãàìà.


I just bought the Eve “sapphire” 120s on an impulse, I saw them displayed in a store, remembered how Grandma smoked them and we all made fun of her cigarettes with flowers on them. First, I was disappointed they no longer have the flowers on the filter ( The first one was so weak and blah, I almost threw them away, as it did nothing for my craving. Later just after I finished one of my regular cigarettes, and was going for a late walk, I grabbed one in addition to my pack of Merits. I lit up my Eve and after a few puffs I found I was really enjoying smoking it without a craving. They are very light, seem to have almost no nicotine, but draw nice, have a very light subtle taste, and oddly, I noticed they smell much nicer than any other brand I’ve tried. These are first 120s I’ve tried, I finished the pack an hour ago, and have already bought a second. The big difference is You can, need to smoke many more of the, but as they are so light and mild, I don’t feel too bad about that. I don’t think I can make them my regular brand as it seems I would need about two packs a day, to manage the cravings, but I am now thinking of continuing to have a few each day.