As a result of accusations that the campaign is illegally marketed towards youth, Philip Morris has withdrawn its billboards and cinema ads. However, information from Forum Rauchfrei suggests that the Be Marlboro campaign is still visible at the point of sale (Image 14). 10 In tobacco shops and service stations Marlboro back lighted wall displays adorn the tobacco kiosks at the point of sale and branded change trays are used when giving customers change in these locations. In more recent times, electronic change trays have been used, whereby digital adverts can be displayed. The German Cancer Research Center has said that the Be Marlboro campaign is being shown on these electronic change trays. For an unbranded image of an electronic change tray see Image 15.

The head of the German Cancer Research Center, 11 Professor Wiestler, has called for an immediate end to all cigarette advertising in Germany.

Be Malboro Violates Voluntary Agreements in Germany and Article 13 of the FCTC

Since the 1960s in Germany advertising restrictions have resulted from a series of voluntary agreements with the tobacco industry. In 1993 as the Ministry of Health in Germany announced that as part of a voluntary agreement, the tobacco industry would not, amongst a long list of other restrictions, produce advertising with models under the age of 30 and would not include images of activities that are typical of young people. 12 It is disputably the case that the models used in the billboard ads and certainly in the cinema ads appear younger than 30 years of age and are engaged in activities that people younger than this age threshold take part in.

Furthermore, although tobacco advertising in certain forms is currently permitted in Germany, as signatories of the World Health Organisation s, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the world s first global health treaty, Germany is obliged to take steps prohibit tobacco advertising in line with Article 13. The guidelines providing advice for the implementation of Article 13 recommend that

A comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, should cover

  • all advertising and promotion, as well as sponsorship, without exemption
  • direct and indirect advertising, promotion and sponsorship
  • acts that aim at promotion and acts that have or are likely to have a promotional effect
  • promotion of tobacco products and the use of tobacco
  • commercial communications and commercial recommendations and actions
  • contribution of any kind to any event, activity or individual
  • advertising and promotion of tobacco brand names and all corporate promotion and traditional media (print, television and radio) and all media platforms, including Internet, mobile telephones and other new technologies as well as films. 13

In Germany, the German Cancer Research Center has made Germany s contradictory position clear Germany have ratified the FCTC but yet tobacco advertising still persists. 8

Appeal for Information

According to de Wilde in his presentation, Be Marlboro is a new global campaign and that Be Marlboro will be deployed in 40 markets during 2012. It is not known whether this has occurred. If you have seen the Be Marlboro campaign in your country, and would like to let us know, please get in touch with


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Marlboro classics – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cheap+cigarettes&find_loc=beaverton%2c+or san francisco
This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2010) Marlboro Classics Industry Consumer Goods Founded 1980s Headquarters Italy Products Textile Apparel clothing Revenue 0.17 billion (2008) Parent Valentino Fashion Group Website /

Marlboro Classics is an Italian fashion and lifestyle house. The Brand was established in the mid 1980s. It is produced and distributed by Valentino Fashion Group.

Today edit

Nowadays they have 2400 points of sales in 42 countries. In 2008 their turnover was reported to be approximately 170 million euros.

Products are known for high quality and elegancy and they are made with the highest standards. Main values of the brand are inspired by the legendary American West. Marlboro Classics produce diversified range of products including belts, leather goods, bags, shoes, boots, jackets, coats, shirts, jeans, trousers and pullovers.

The Marlboro name has been licensed from Altria (formerly Philip Morris), owner of the Marlboro cigarette brand, as part of their effort to work around tobacco marketing restrictions.

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