Here’s my thoughts on the best e cigarette brands for 2014. I had a lot of help from outsiders when creating this, so I have to give a lot of thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

Electronic cigarette reviews will help you find the right vapor smoking experience for you or a loved one. I’ve also set up coupon codes for many top brands, because that’s what we do here, we help save people money!

If you’ve looked high and low for the best e cig reviews and stuff like v2cigs coupon codes, but have come up short, you’ve landed on the right page! As always, my reviews are in depth, supported by research, and pull no punches.

I’m aiming to highlight the top 10 brands, year in, year out. I rate them on the following criteria

  • Reputation
  • Affordability
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Draw and vapor dynamics
  • Selection

The chart (coming soon) will highlight the best of the best, brands like BullSmoke, V2 Cigs, and more. The creme de la creme of the industry. If you don’t see it here, odds are, people aren’t talking about it much.

Use these electric cigarette reviews to your advantage, and remember to use the coupons for big savings!

An Explosion Of E Cigarette Brands

Although their numbers can add to confusion if you are new to vaping, it’s good that there are so many e cigarette brands. As they compete for your business, companies are forced to maintain low prices and to innovate periodically. Some of the brands have held onto their audience and earned a reputation for great customer service. Others look for a niche some way to break into their market share.

V2 Cigs A Yard Stick in the Business

Among top brands, V2 Cigs always pops up. They owe their longevity to wonderful customer service, high quality products, and increasing product range. They recently added a higher powered battery and cartridges to go with them the “EX” line. V2 also invites users of pre filled cartomizers to select a flavor they like and have it custom made, 100 at a time.

Another favorite feature is their many starter kits. Prices continue to drop as supply rises to meet demand. There are kits with just the basics and packages with every device a vaper might need.

Halo Cigs Innovation with Minimization

Amid the confusion of electronic cigarette designs and starter kits a consumer could become dizzy and disillusioned. Halo Cigs steps in to simplify the matter. If you are a beginner, their G6 mini cig is for you. After six to twelve months of vaping you’re ready for their Triton tank system.

Halo sells two kits, one for each type of e cig, with several color choices. They also sell accessories such as small tanks for G6 batteries. Customize a kit your own way when you get used to rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

Halo Cigs, like V2 Cigs, makes and sells its own e liquid. Halo Purity e liquids are mostly made up of mint and tobacco flavors which are liked enough by the vaping public to find their way into the hands of distributors selling advanced electronic cigarettes.

Cigavette Time to Grow?

Cigavette kits come in three styles a one battery option, bigger starter kits with two batteries, and “Go” sets with bigger batteries and cartridges. They don’t do tanks, just longer cartridges designed to be refilled with e liquid. While a large, bright Triton tank system cannot fail to grab attention in public, you might just pull off the cigarette look with a “Go” e cig. It’s longer than analogs but still about the right shape.

Green Smoke Emphasizing the Ecology of E Cigs

Even though vaping might not be good for you, it’s better than smoking. Green Smoke emphasizes this point, but also acknowledges the e waste created by their industry. What can consumers do about batteries and empty cartridges? They can recycle. Green Smoke encourages customers to send in their cartridges with the incentive of receiving loyalty points. Eventually, doing the green thing will result in free products.

Green Smoke, like V2 Cigs, sells several starter kits, but they could do with something new. Some companies are adding new flavors. Green Smoke hasn’t changed much. Reviewers keep saying good things about their vapor production so maybe Green Smoke doesn’t have to change.

VaporZone Changes the Rules

VaporZone came along and changed the way e cig companies make and market electronic cigarettes. Not only did they create a controversial advertisement about their thousands of e liquid flavors, but they designed a range of products that follows the direction vapers take from mini cigs to advanced mods.

Their Express e cig is one of 6 products that also include the Air, an intermediate vaping pen between mini cigs and eGos. A Pro e cig pen resembles a mini cig but is longer to accommodate a bigger e liquid chamber, higher powered battery, and a mouthpiece. The Jet, Pulse, and Rebel are advanced electronic cigarettes.

If you started with VaporZone and liked what you discovered there, it would be easy to stay with them throughout your vaping career. Green Smoke cannot compete with that. Cigavette, Halo, and V2 offer a limited step forward, but VaporZone goes the whole way.

South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke Part of a Team

VaporZone belongs to the same group that owns South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke, and you can see the influence of VaporZone at the websites for these other two. VaporZone came later, but it has the juice to supply both companies.

Prior to the development of VaporZone, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke sold only mini cigs and cartomizers. Now both of them sell e liquid by VaporZone (South Beach Smoke puts their name on it but it’s the same product). Eversmoke also sells advanced parts under “accessories.”

Otherwise, the pair of them is best known for producing mini cigs of quality and starter kits like those created by V2 Cigs. South Beach Smoke has earned some distinction among other e cig brands, though, for adding several more pre filled flavors to their menu.

Bull Smoke Best Prices

Bull Smoke is a very simple, quality e cig, which is super appealing for anyone with prices in mind. They have a simple starter kit, which is perfect for anyone looking to try out e cigarettes, and the price is by far the cheapest from comparable set ups. They have a nice simple selection of flavors, and some various batteries to choose from.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Most of these companies are also selling one time electronic cigarettes. For a single item, Bull Smoke is the cheapest at $5. Eversmoke sells them even more cheaply per item, but you have to buy multiples. The competition prices their disposables as high as $10, which is a bit much for a non rechargeable item, but you aren’t supposed to stick with them. The idea is to tempt you to try e cigs without commitment.


Madvapes numbers itself among the generalists retailers carrying multiple e cig brands. They mainly pose a threat to VaporZone and Halo because their products are not designed for beginners. The least complicated kit they carry is a 901 kit, automatic, in black. Their prices are amazingly cheap compared to the rest.

Emperor brands electronic cigarettes – global resource broker

Cheap cigarettes
Emperor Brands is relatively unknown , only a handful of people are familiar with this new brand. What they don’t know, is over the next 24 month Emperor Brands will be recognized like Philip Morris is today in regards to Tobacco industry. And the 1963 or “63 “will be the new benchmark for electronic cigarettes.

What I love most about this brand is that they are not trying to compete with big tobacco. The objective is to provide a brand that will make you look at the electronic cigarette in a whole new light. The visionary Chairman and CEO John Cameron. Will promote clinical research and analysis, and continue building relationships with the FDA, the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

EMPEROR BRANDS intends to create a new industry association lead by John Cameron that will lobby and focus on education to maximize the success of Emperor brands and Government support.

Is to develop new technologies and products that improve public health while offering tobacco cigarette users an attractive alternative.