In terms of cigarette looking e cigarettes that use two pieces only a cartomizer and a battery V2 cigs are our favorite and favorite among majority of beginners.

V2 Cigs brand is liked by majority of people because of wide range of accessories, refillable e juice cartridges, affordable pricing, reliable customer service. People can get this brand from the market with satisfaction as 30 days money back warranty is offered to all customers. They provide excellent customer support and keep customers views and need in their future product enhancement.

With a wide range of e juice flavors available and also the use of blank cartomizers that you can easily refill make them an attractive company to start testing out.

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More Expensive Taste

The second company I recommend trying is Green Smoke. This is a completely different style of flavor and it’s usually the people that don’t like V2 cigs end up like Green Smoke. They are more expensive, non refillable (technically) but they have some really good vapor production and flavor that is very smooth. They don’t have a manual battery which is a downfall but if you liked smoking a high quality cigarette before than you might like to try this brand as it’s higher end quality.

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Better yet..

I’ve personally ditched the cigarette style and went over to a Vapor Zone Pro Kit, it’s only $49.99 and what you get is “freedom”. I hate having to be told what company I need to buy e juices from and buying cartridges is expensive and annoying. Make the switch to something refillable, it’ll be better in the short and long run. Don’t be a slave to cartridges.. it’s not the way to go. There’s obviously higher end electronic mods out such as a favorite of mine from Innokin called the ITaste, but starting out you want an easy to use starter kit like the Pro kit. Vapor zone is a highly reputable company with a very wide selection of ejuices and superior quality. The Pro Kit is an easy low cost entry to vaping and you can get a higher end one like the Jet if you’d like but If you are going to spend more than $100 or so just get the Innokin Itaste. It’s made in China but it won’t let you down if you have the budget for it because it has 6 volts where as the best product from Vapor Zone is just 4.5v and that’s not high enough for the serious users. Plus if you want to experiment with different atomizers and tanks, the the Itaste is where to start

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Is it possible to sell a premium cigarette brand in this packaging? – business insider

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Philip Morris International is the first tobacco giant suing the Australian government over strict new branding restrictions, which it believes will cost it billions in the region, the Wall Street Journal reports.

British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco Group are expected follow.

Why? Because their billion dollar brands, like Marlboro and Parliament, will be crushed.

Australia’s regulations, set to take effect in December 2012, require cigarette manufacturers to use a standard font, uniform text position, and the same greenish brown packaging (which research showed to be the least appealing to consumers).

Essentially, tobacco companies will be unable to distinguish themselves. And that has the tobacco giants worried. Cigarettes can separate themselves from competing products in three ways by brand, by shape (long, short, etc.), and by general flavor (light, menthol, etc.). But within the confines of a given style or flavor, brand becomes the most valuable distinguishing factor among otherwise like products.

Earlier this year, shortly before legislation made its way to Australian Parliament, a Philip Morris spokesperson told AdWeek the measures “would essentially amount to a confiscation of our brand in Australia.”

And that could very well be disastrous for the company. A November 2010 report by economic consultants in the U.K., commissioned by Philip Morris, says that “package is the most important method of branding still available” after a widespread crackdown on traditional advertising.

Researchers at a New Zealand university who conducted focus groups with 66 young adults, both smokers and non smokers, found that branded tobacco packaging by itself inspired their associations with given products.

The U.K. report, which specifically focuses on the impact plain cigarette packaging could have there, substantiates Philip Morris’ bottom line worries. It suggests a branding ban like Australia’s would trigger an overall price reduction between 4.4% and 16.1%, because no name discount brands could more easily compete. After all, they wouldn’t have a highly recognizable brand (like Marlboro, for instance) to overcome.

With a move toward hard line bans like the one in Australia, one that will disallow in store cigarette displays in the U.K., and the Worcester, Mass., ordinance that prohibits any tobacco advertisement visible from the street, tobacco manufacturers will eventually have to look outside branded packaging and find another way to set themselves apart.

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