Blu Cigs has been touted as the best selling rand of electronic cigarettes. Thus, even if the name sounds like another word that refers to being sad, there really is nothing to be blue about these electronic cigarettes.

There are a number of reasons why Blu Cigs has earned this highly regarded reputation. One is that it can be readily purchased from thousands of retail locations all over the US. You can use the website’s store locator feature to look for a nearest retail outlet to enjoy vaping whenever, wherever.

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The electronic cigarette pack is also use friendly and very functional. The case is not only used to carry all items conveniently, but also as a convenient charger for the battery.

Cartridges also come in a varietry of different flavors. Flavors are rich and intense despite containing just the minimal number of ingredients. Smoke juice or e liquid are proudly American made by Johnson Creek. Blu Cigs can guarantee customer satisfaction all the time.

Blu Cigs is also the brand that offers social feature. The pack could light up or activate once it is in close proximity with another user of Blu or you are coming close to a retail store. The device also lets you stand out and be distinguished from other smokers because of its blue tip. This blue tip alleviates onlookers’ concern that you are smoking a real cigarette. Thus, with Blu, you can be freely allowed to vape anywhere.

A scrupulous and law abiding company, Blu Cigs only caters to its targeted audience of smokers within the legal age limits and who do not have hypertension, heart disease and other critical conditions. It is also one that supports and looks forward to imminent regulations. Last June, Blu Cigs announced and expressed support for the minor sale ban in South Carolina.

Pros And Cons

Everything has its own ups and downs so it is only natural that some users find Blu Cigs to have some satisfactory traits while others also find it with negative attributes.

Here are some reasons for liking Blu Cigs

  • reliable construction
  • American made e liquids that even highly sensitive users can use and enjoy
  • social feature for connecting with others
  • does not mistake you for a cigarette smoker

Below is one possible ground for not liking the product

  • expensive initial cost

Full And In Depth Review

Blu Cigs is definitely a better choice than traditional cigarettes and a better option than other brands out there. Compared to a traditional cigarette, the device does not produce smoke that smells foul and offensive and can cause hard to other people. The device produces only vapor that will dissipate in a matter of seconds.

It is not a tobacco product and does not contain tobacco. The vapor produced is not repugnant and does not linger. Except if the place or establishment you like to use your electronic cigarette has a vaping ban, you could freely use it virtually anywhere. Blu Cigs products are marketed as smoking alternatives, not smoke cessation aids.

Committed to safety and quality, that is what Blu Cigs uphold itself to. E liquids are made in the USA by a trusted and reliable e juice manufacturer. This is one reason why Blu Cigs is a better choice than other brands that only import juices from China. No other brands can offer the same level of usability and quality standards.

Product Design And Packaging

Blue Cigs is cool and you will always be reminded of it by the blue colored tip that shows each time you inhale vapor from it. Not only is this brand made unique by this blue colored light tip. Its packaging is even made distinctive from the rest with the social feature to meet other vapers you already known and still about to meet.

If you like to try amazing products from Blu, you can avail them in various kinds of kits that will suit your needs and options.

The New Starter Kit is a streamlined, most affordable pack that has all you need for vaping. It is available nationwide so be sure to check out Blu’s thousands of retail locations. The pack is shaped to find just right inside your pocket or in your purse without taking too much space or be held comfortably in your hands.

The features of this pack will certainly fit your always on the go lifestyle with a USB or car charger. Battery management system is also made better because instead of screwing, you will just insert the battery to its lid.

It already contains the starter pack that can hold three cartridges and two rechargeable batteries, one car charger, one USB cable, five pack cartridges (you can choose either Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, or the variety pack.

Original Starter Kit is the leader of the electronic cigarette revolution. It is lightweight and durable at $69.95. It includes the electronic cigarette pack that can contain five cartridges and can charge on the go. The kit also comes with two batteries, one each of wall charger and USB charger, a variety pack cartridges (2 Classic Tobacco, 1 Cherry Crush, 1 Magnificent menthol and 1 Java Volt) and a year warranty.

Premium Starter Kit is offering Blu Cigs Improved Vaping patented Technology. It offers improved performance better functionality, additional technology for the social aspect of vaping. This most popular kit from the company is $79.75 that you may choose in either black or white. It is already inclusive of premium electronic cigarette pack with the social feature, 2 batteries, one each of wall and USB charger and one five pack cartridges. You may choose your own flavor and nicotine strength.

Premium 100 Starter Kit takes your vaping experience to a higher level with its longer lasting, fuller and bigger offerings. It is available at $89.95 and includes the premium 100 pack contents only made a lot better.

Blu Cigs Disposables are also available. There is no need to recharge or to assemble the products. If you are a first time Blu Cigs user, disposables are ideal for you. They come in Clasic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol flavors. One disposable device can last as one and a half pack of cigarettes.

Quality of Flavors and Vapor

The ingredients used in the Johnson Creek Smoke Juice are distilled water, nicotine (for strengths other than zero nicotine), FCC grade vegetable glycerin, artificial and natural flavors and citric acid. The e juice is formulated to provide the best taste and flavor.

Cartomizers are cartridges and atomizers in one. This means that each time you replace your flavor cartridge, you also replace the atomizer so you would not worry about cleaning or maintaining it just to maximize your flavors.

The device has a single hole silicone tip that enables you to make maximized draw, feel as if you are smoking a real cigarette. The silicone tip also helps prevent leakage.

One cartridge is enough to make 250 puffs and can fit Blu Cigs device from the new starter pack, premium, premium 100 and original pack. If combined with the battery, the entire length of the device is about the same size as a regular cigarette.

Vivid Vanilla is the combination of the complex floral aromas of Tahitian vanilla and velvety rich Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

Cherry Crush is black berry with Maraschino undertones and blended with juicy Blush cherries. It is tangy, sweet, punchy and potent.

Magnificent menthol is striking, yet subdued refreshingly cool flavor of spearmint, peppermint and menthol crystals.

Classic Tobacco offers the natural sweet taste of Burley tobacco and Brightleaf tobacco.

Java Volt is Blu Cigs version of the inviting and warm aroma of coffee beans.

Pina Colada is the tropical mix of Cayenne pineapple and smooth coconut milk.< /p>

Peach Schnapps is the sweet and pleasing flavors of sun ripened peaches.

Nicotine Strengths And Levels

High nicotine has 13 16 mg of the substance medium has 9 12 mg nicotine low has 6 8 mg nicotine non nicotine with 0 mg.

Blu Cigs cartridges are in four different levels full, light, ultra light and non nicotine. Blu disposables only have on level of nicotine high. Due to the vaporization process, the user would receive nicotine at a smaller amount than traditional cigarettes. Warning in using Blu Cigs according to Califirnia Proposition 65, nicotine is a chemical that may cause birth defects and other harm in the reproductive system.

Battery Performance And Charging

All batteries from Blu Cigs are made with the latest technology of lithium ion batteries. In between charges, original and premium batteries can produce 80 100 puffs. Premium 100 batteries can produce 250 300 puffs while disposables need not be charged.

How you plan to use the device will affect the charge duration. Blu models are known to blink up to 30 times to indicate its need to be recharged. It will blink five times as a sign of overuse, but not necessarily needing a recharge. This blinking only shows that you must rest your device for about one minute before puffing again.

In general, original and premium batteries can be charged for three hours. Premium 100 batteries need to be charged for 45 minutes. To ensure safety, make sure you will only charge your batteries with Blu Cigs approved accessories.

Money’s Worth

Although some consumers complain about the high initial costs of Blu, they are rest assured that this will only be the first and last time they need to spend as much. Since batteries are rechargeable, the only item that will need replacement is the cartridge.

Cartridges even offer more value for money. Original and premium cartridges can last as long as one pack of cigarettes and produce 250 or more puffs depending on how you use it. Premium 100 can be used to make 320 or more puffs and disposable can last as much as 400 or more puffs.

Moreover, Blu Cigs also frequently offer coupon codes and coupons that can be used to get discounts. The Loyalty program will also reward loyal clienteles. Users at least 18 years old can participate in the program since they are also the ones who can avail Blu products. Create an account on the website and log in for your every shop.

You will earn points if you shop as a registered user. More points can be earned if you subscribe to newsletter, poll, etc. Once the minimum number of accumulated points is reached, you may use them to redeem your products.

A starter kit will give you 350 points 5 pack refill is for 50 points, registering a new account is 25 points, 10 points for poll 25 points for newsletter and more.

Free shipping is also done via USPS and UPS. Free shipping on ground deliveries can be availed if the total amount of orders reached $100. International shipping is available, but not to all countries.

Customer Assistance And Support

On the website of Blu, you could find the toll free numbers that you can dial if you live within the USA. There is also live chat and e mail support that you can use.

Remember that the one year warranty is applicable only to online and USA orders. If you need replacements, there is a form found on the website that you need to fill up.

More About Blu Cigs

It was in 2009 when Blu was established. Since that year, the company has been known as the best band most trusted brand of electronic cigarette. During its early years, the company imported e liquids from China since the electronic cigarette products originally came there. At that time, most companies actually get their liquids from Chinese manufacturers.

Later on, the company partnered with Johnson Creek and used its trademark Smoke Juice. Johnson Creek is the industry recognized leader of American made e liquids. Master mixers from this company that was established by Christian Berkey manually mixes fresh batches of liquids. Only vegetable glycerin is used in Smoke Juice so Blu Cigs are essentially propylene glycol free.

Before Blu was acquired by Lorillard in April 2012, it is already an established and reputable company. With the acquisition, Blu Cigs only became a lot better. Lorillard is among the titans of the tobacco industry and is the first among tobacco firms to have ventured in the electronic cigarette industry.

During the recent revenue report of Lorillard, it said that Blu is not a reason for them to be blue because its products are selling quite well in the market. With Blu Cigs, Lorillard was even enabled to enter television marketing again. As a tobacco company, it was forbidden for about four decades to advertise on radio and television.

Since electronic cigarettes are not yet regulated as tobacco products, Lorillard was also the first tobacco slash electronic cigarette company to promote on television. Its first commercial featured Stephen Dorff. The most recent commercial of Blu Cigs is one that shows Jenny McCarthy.

Since August 12, 2010, Blu has been rated by the BBB with A rating. It is also RoHS, CE and FCC compliant.

The recent partnership of Blu was with Clean Vibes Trading Post for ‘Cover Your Butt’ project during the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, the biggest North American musical event, in Manchester, Tennessee. With Clean Vibes, a cleanup effort was performed by the company. It also gave away free passes to the festival through Twitter.

The Conclusion

As an industry pioneer, Blu Cigs will simply not allow its standards and quality to just fade away. With each day that passes, the company will ensure that it will continue to provide and offer customers with guaranteed satisfaction. With the new management from Lorillard, customers can only expect that Blu will reach more milestones that are all for the liking of its users.

‘smutty’ e-cigarette ad for vip brand will make you cringe (video)

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A new e cigarette ad with a woman talking dirty is supposed to be smoking hot. But some say it’s not.

British e cig manufacturer VIP trotted out a spot in which a comely woman commands viewers to “get it out” and “put it in my mouth.” The product doesn’t appear because regulators prohibit that on British TV. This way the model can coo her innuendo without interference from what she’s trying to sell. Convenient, no?

AdWeek called it “smutty.”

“It is wrong on every level,” a YouTube viewer wrote.

The campaign, which also has a man’s version (see below), might actually make a recent Hyundai dealer ad revolving around an implied four hour erection look like genius.

These e cigarette commercials are reportedly a response to an Advertising Standards Authority clamp down on too vague e cig commercials in the United Kingdom, AdWeek wrote.

VIP also produced longer and raunchier cuts of the new spots. (In the interest of advertising scholarship, ahem, we’ve provided those below, too.)

E cigarettes, which produce vaporized nicotine without tobacco when inhaled, are advertised on American TV. But regulators are mulling a ban.