The brand architecture of Marlboro is grouped as follows

Marlboro is acting as the master brand and brand driver. The whole product portfolio states a very high integration. Marlboro cigarettes are divided into three subbrands, which are taking over meaningful driver roles

  • Marlboro Flavor
  • Marlboro Gold
  • Marlboro Fresh

Amongst these subbrands, Marlboro products are further differentiated into single cigarette subbrands such as Marlboro Beyond, Marlboro Red Box, Marlboro Red Soft, etc.

Brand Portfolio Strategy

Marlboro has recently switched to a new advertising strategy and is thereby evidently targeting young adult smokers. In this campaign, Marlboro is inviting young people not to be a maybe and to encourage young adult smokers to make decisions in their life. As the cigarette manufacturer already meets the needs of cigarettes with his product portfolio (Marlboro Red Classic / Marlboro Gold More young, feminine, urban / Marlboro Menthol Taste / Capsule in filter developed technology, etc.) Marlboro could try to involve and reach the young target group in new ways. By extending the brand portfolio with Marlboro Clothes or Marlboro Records the brand could call young people to stand up for themselves, their creativity and independence and they could co create with Marlboro their own clothing or records. Through such actions, Marlboro could extend its portfolio and create loyalty amongst their target audience

With that step, Marlboro would move its Brand Relationship Spectrum from subbrands more towards a branded house.

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Satire, stoners, and the overtly gullible: marlboro marijuana “m” brand ignites the online world

Smokeless cigarettes & e cigarette reviews by real users!

“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously&#8230 and their politicians as a joke.” Will Rogers

Yep, the more things changeв the more they stay the same.

Having been bitten in the ass by B.S. parity stories in the recent past, I was more than dubious when I received a panicked phone call last week from a grower who was screaming through the phone, в Good Lord itв s overв Phillip Morris is going to start growing weed, and pimp their chemical laced crap out to stoners across the country в we canв t compete with their infrastructure man.в

Half asleep, the ramifications and questions began rattling through my un stoned mind. First question, where did the story come fromв was it from a website like в which posts nothing but satire? Second question, while Colorado and Washington may have legalized pot within their State borders, itв s still considered a federally prohibited substanceв so how could this be? And last but not least&#8230 who would smoke their brand of garbage?

Fortunately for every pot smoker around the country, the story was a complete crock of crap. The website, Abril Uno, which first printed the story on January 21, and whose name roughly translates in Spanish to в April 1,в в was nothing more than someoneв s sick and twisted idea of an early April Foolsв Day joke.

Needless to say, people online freaked. Social media websites lit up, regurgitating the frightful idea that Phillip Morris, the worldв s largest cigarette producer might bring their cancerous mix of toxic chemicals, to the organic loving world of marijuana cultivation.

While some became unhinged at the thought of Marlboro producing prepackaged joints, there were certainly hints littered throughout the story, indicating it was nothing more than a demented parody.

в Serafin Norcik, Phillip Morrisв Sr. Vice Presidentв added that they have begun contacting former drug lords in Mexico and Paraguay, currently the largest marijuana producing countries in the world, for the possibility of setting up a distribution ring across the North and South American continents, to streamline the supply lines.в

Nope, not even close to reality, not gonna happen.

Despite all the signs of a farce gone wrong, and with marijuana legalization being the topic du jour, itв s not hard to visualize a day when global giants like Phillip Morris will someday make a play for the fast growing marijuana market.

In a December 2012 interview, a spokesman for Philip Morris USA, Bill Phelps, was less than forthcoming when questioned over the probability that the company might someday cultivate their own brand of marijuana cigarettes.

в We have a practice of not commenting or speculating on future business,в Phelps claimed, noting that в tobacco companies are in the business of manufacturing and marketing tobacco products.в

While Colorado pot retailers are currently selling over $1 million a day worth of weed, itв s a solid bet that as a country, were still a good five years away from the big business takeover of that marijuana industry by the likes of Marlborough в Mв в so relax, take a deep breathв after all, thatв s the whole point of this exercise в relaxation.