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Every year more and more lovers of good tobacco pay attention to Backwoods cigarettes. Reviews of those who have already made their choice, say that none of them regret the decision. First, do not forget that such products are 100 percent tobacco. For consumers, online trading offers numerous opportunities. At the same time, the online shopping opportunities also hide dangers and fraud. For this reason, it makes sense to be familiar with the function, properties and conditions of online shopping. What is important when shopping on the internet and how can you avoid dangers on the internet in advance if possible?

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What are Backwoods cigarettes?

The place where Backwoods cigarettes were first produced was the Dominican Republic. This small state on the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea has become the birthplace of a new product. Unlike a cigarette, the product consists entirely of tobacco. In addition, it does not have any additions in the form of filters. On the outside, the Backwoods cigarettes are usually covered with a natural tobacco leaf. This makes it look like a traditional cigar. The only difference is that inside there are not leaves, but tobacco crumbs. This combination significantly reduces the process of smoking the product, while maintaining its natural taste.