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Cigarette tax

Parliament cigarette brand is the best taste that anyone can feel. It was created for strong, powerful people who know what they want. Parliament cigarettes are very well known in the whole world for their excellence that’s why they don’t need any advertising. “Parliament” The name of the cigarette brand has its own meaning. Parliament cigarette brand offers an experience that a smoker can not forget and can’t compare with other tobacco brands that exist. It makes you feel like a leader or a governor who is confident and strong.

This brand is produced by “Altria”, or Philip Morris Tobacco Company. In 2003 took place the rebranding of Phillip Morris to Altria. The name “Altria” means “high” from the Latin word. It takes you to the thought that Parliament brand has a high quality and a high demand on the international market. The cigs are known as “Parlies” or “Parliess lights” among young smokers, because of their sharp and strong flavor.

Parliament Cigarettes Finest Taste and Biggest Smoking Pleasure

A recessed filter was introduced especially in Parliament cigarettes that gives an incredible taste and light aroma. The effect that “Parliament” cigarettes give can be characterized just by real smokers. The smokers feel a pleasure till the last inhalation. The air mixed with smoke has a great savor and because the filter doesn’t get wet it makes the smoke have a light taste. These cigarettes are quite strong even though they have a very mild flavor. All of these were created to ensure a pleasant and a soft smoking.

It is extremely demanded cigarette brand in Israel, Japan, Argentina, Turkey, and other countries. This amazing flavor and taste is available in the following order Parliament Super Slims, Parliament Aqua Blue, Parliament Night Blue, Parliament Reserve and Parliament Silver Blue. Just try it, you won’t regret this.