Can you buy cigarettes online UK wide?

Yes. Buy cigarettes online UK wide conveniently in our online store and we will deliver the goods directly to your home within a very short time. Our product range extends from all well-known branded cigarettes to cheap cigarettes, the cigarettes known in many places, to cigarettes without filters and cigarettes without additives.

What other brands without filters are there?

Filterless cigarettes have a long tradition, as they were the first real cigarettes. Lucky Strike is one of the big brands that produce cigarettes without filters. But there are also well-known cigarettes without a filter.

What do cigarettes without additives mean?

In recent years, additive-free cigarettes have grown in popularity. All major manufacturers in the cigarette industry, such as Philip Morris and British American Tobacco, have a wide variety of products in this segment. In our online shop you will find additive-free varieties for each of the main brands, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, L&M and Gauloises.

What is a cigarette anyway?

A tobacco product for smoking is called a cigarette. A cigarette is made from fermented, dried and finely chopped leaves of the tobacco plant. Components of a cigarette are a filter, a mouthpiece and cigarette paper into which the tobacco is stuffed or rolled. The exception is cigarettes without a filter, as the name suggests, they do not contain a filter. The cigarette is the most widely consumed tobacco product. Industrially produced cigarettes are available in various strengths, which differ in their nicotine content, among other things. Nowadays there are different flavors of cigarettes, ranging from very subtle to very strong. This means that the aroma that is suitable for them can be kept ready for every smoker.

What should you know about cigarettes?

Most smokers prefer filtered cigarettes. The use of filterless cigarettes is less common. The task of the cigarette filter is to reduce the proportion of harmful substances when smoking. The filter is usually covered by a cork-colored mouthpiece, this serves to avoid browning. Cigarettes have a standard length of 74-85 mm and are called “KingSize format” in this length. “Long format” or “slim format” cigarettes have excess lengths of 100 mm or 120 mm.