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  • Our disposable cartridges can hold up to three times more vapor liquid compared to ordinary 3 piece models.
  • Nicotine pad comes enclosed within the cartomzier. You never need to touch it and there is no leaking of nicotine.
  • Parts that are exposed to your lips and mouth are replaced with every cartomzier.

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The e cigarette has totally changed my life . No longer am i a prisoner to the tar,ash and smell now i get my nicotine hit without the harmful chemicals and all the other things that come with lighting up tobacco.

As a smoker for many years and having tried all the alternatives , patches , gum etc i never seemed to be satisfied and never managed to give up for more than a few weeks at a time .

When i started smoking an e cigarette i was surprised just how good they were. I got a hit of nicotine and it actually felt as if i was smoking the real thing and was able to get in out of the cold and smoke my e cigarette indoors too Bonus

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  • No Tar
  • No Ash
  • No Smell
  • 75% Cheaper than normal cigarettes(1 x refill pack around 5 packs of standard cigarettes)
  • No Harmful chemicals

Electronic Cigarette Reviews,these are the brands of electronic cigarettes that i have tried / reviewed which has lead to myself and friends either giving up or drastically reducing our smoking habit e cigarette Deals

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The V2 E Cigarette

T he V2 e Cigarette has been around a long time and has undergone many changes since it was developed , its battery technology is well up there with the great e cigs and does seem to live up to the claim of producing the most vapour over some of its competitors &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 >>>read more<<<<

Green smoke

I found the green smoke e cigarette to give a very pleasing hit of nicotine if anything a bit too much , but i normally smoke light brands so would need to go down to a lower nicotine cartridge. Great for people who smoke stronger brands. Looks very real in its design and managed to fool people at very close range.

&#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 &#8230 >>>read more<<<<

Smokers Halo

This e cigarette from E cigarette direct has one of the cheapest starter kits and comes with ten refill cartridges includes a u.s.b charger but no mains charger . Fast delivery from this supplier and has a good range of accessories. was not my favorite smoke of the bunch but have a friend who only smokes this brand &#8230 &#8230 &#8230

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Smokers Halo New Super Tank Refillable

The new Halo refillable electronic cigarette everyone at buy e cigarette online has been waiting for form the smokers halo camp . This great e cig scores highly in our view and is suited to the beginner right up to the most advanced as its a stylish vapeing unit.

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