Menthol cigarettes first saw the light in the US in the 1920s. This was unusual for many smokers. For the first few decades of their existence, they perfectly filled all the niches of the market precisely as a means to increase the “comfort level in the throat” and resorted to the help of doctors in advertising, assuring the benefits of such fresh smoking. Kind of – it was a real sensation in smoking, visions and perceptions.

Menthol cigarettes are flavored cigarettes and the flavoring is menthol or its synthetic counterparts. The flavoring is usually added to the tobacco and in special capsules inside the filter. The main consumer groups of this product are women and young people. This is due to the fact that menthol means a new trend, certain freshness in smoking, lightness in the habit of smoking.

And, as a result, menthol cigarettes have become increasingly popular all over the world, and especially in Great Britain. For example, Vogue Menthol strikes the spot with sophisticated smokers with its bright pronounced menthol taste. Despite the high resin content, they smoke quite easily, leaving a delicate aftertaste. Or, Winston Super Slims Fresh Menthol – when you want to diversify the usual taste of tobacco. The menthol taste never loses its relevance. The feeling of fullness from cigarette smoke comes after half a cigarette smoked.

Menthol taste mixed with classic tobacco blends harmoniously with each other, and, by the way, is not particularly annoying. Some smokers smoke these cigarettes on a regular basis. If you value diversity and taste different flavors, then you can always buy menthol cigarettes UK as an opportunity to choose something new for your style of smoking. Learning something new always increases the desire of smokers to buy menthol cigarettes UK.

The main reason for this desire is to get the most pronounced taste of tobacco with the help of menthol. Thus, menthol cigarettes create the possibility of using a tobacco product with an unusual filling.

Today, we come across many prominent cigarette manufacturers that release menthol cigarette brands, and you can find online the most demanded ones such as ESSE Super Slims Menthol, Kool Menthol, Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol , Newport Menthol, Salem Green (Lights) Menthol and many others. They have diverse nicotine strength, tar, and length but one common point – the strong menthol taste.

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