I bought these alongside a pack of Camel Crush at my local smoke shop. While the taste of them was ok that is really all I can say about them. My first complaint about them is how weak they are. Now, I normally smoke Djarums but even as I have ventured of that course and into other brands of cigarettes, This one so far has been the weaker cigarette of what I’ve tried. Now, while smoking them the taste was decent but I found that they a very unpleasant after taste, and I would find myself looking for a drink to try and displace the taste. A personal complaint was that I found the drag on these to be ‘too easy’ and felt like I was just breathing in from a hollow tube, while some people may like that, I don’t. From what I’ve tried so far in my quest to find a good smokes, this pack just didn’t make an impression on me at all and I most likely won’t be returning to buy another one in the future.

Electronic cigarettes: top rated e-cigarette brand – green smoke

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Green Smoke was founded to provide smokers with an exciting new alternative to traditional cigarettes! The Green Smoke vapor e cig provides the look and feel of a typical cigarette, but runs on a rechargeable battery, with no need to light up. Green Smoke e cigarette users inhale nicotine and full bodied flavoring through a vapor that has the same effect as traditional cigarettes but without the ash.

Enhance your smoking experience and enjoy the smoking sensation without the lingering smell traditional tobacco cigarettes leave. With Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, you can now enjoy affordable vapor smoking without your home, clothing or car smelling like an ashtray! Why wait buy the best vapor e cigarettes today.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Find the perfect vapor smoking starter kits that fits your lifestyle.
E Cigarette Cartridges Flavormax Cartomizers We set the standards for the electronic cigarette industry with Green Smoke 2 piece e cigarette design that combines the atomizer with the cartridge.
E Cig Accessories Find some cool electric cig accessories to go with your favorite vapor cigarettes.
Vapor E Cig Batteries Looking for batteries to power your Green Smoke electric cigarette? Keep your green cigarettes always ready by charging your spare battery when not in use.
Electronic Cigarette Chargers Need a quick recharge? Shop now for a variety of e cig chargers.
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