You can buy Camel cigarettes as a classic cigarette brand Camel Filter: in the normal KingSize pack, as a Big Pack, Maxi Pack up to the 4XL pack and in 100mm format. It is the typical Turkish & American blend tobacco that defines and sets these cigarettes apart.

In addition to the best-known Camel filters, we also offer the Camel cigarettes as a decent cigarette in a subtle, subtle flavor. You can also smoke the popular Camel cigarettes as cigarettes without additives. The Essential Blue as well as the Essential Filters are made from 100% pure tobacco, without preservatives or flavorings and offer you a smoking pleasure from 100% whole tobacco leaves without additives – that is the essence of Essential Flavor Camel cigarettes.

The well-known logo on every camel pack shows a dromedary, which belongs to the camel family and creates a connection to the Orient. This logo thus points to the typical Turkish and American blend tobacco mixture with which these cigarettes are made and give them that special smoke note.

With a brand like Camel cigarettes, you do not only hold an excellent tobacco product in your hands – but also one with a certain history.
For example, hardly anyone knows that Camel cigarettes were the first on the US market to be offered in packs of 20, which are still popular today – originally they were more like packs of 5 or 10.

Of course, someone will have missed the brand’s previous advertising campaigns – be it in the form of the Camel Trophy (a rally that was held from 1980 to 1999), the clothing items associated with the brand (such as jackets, but also shoes or watches) or the more than iconic TV commercials that still put a smile on your face today.

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