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Fact check: beer and cigarettes on food stamps? just a parody, folks

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A website states that President Barack Obama signed legislation allowing food stamps to be used to buy tobacco products and alcohol.

The facts A website called the Salty Badger published an article on Dec. 7, saying that Obama signed The SNAP Fairness Act of 2014. traced the origin of the claim to that article, which said

President Obama signed the SNAP Fairness Act of 2014 into law today, thirty four days after both houses of Congress narrowly passed the controversial bill overcoming strong Republican resistance both in the Senate and House. All SNAP eligible Americans will be enjoying a late Christmas present this year courtesy of Uncle Sam. Wrapped inside with a red, white and blue bow will be increased food stamp funds and the right to use their EBT card to buy alcohol and tobacco products.

The article went on to quote Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York as saying, There is no reason my constituents should be barred from purchasing a 6 pack of Coors Light with their EBT card to go along with their steak dinner, also purchased with their EBT card. To expect low income hardworking Americans to go out of pocket for essentials such as cigarettes and beer is not only racist, but cruel. …

That doesn t sound like something a legitimate Congress member would say. And he didn t say it. Although Jeffries and Obama are real people, points out, that is the only thing that is factual about the story.

Obama didn t sign into law the SNAP Fairness Act of 2014 because there isn t such a thing. SNAP cards still cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

You can put the Salty Badger on your list of fake news sites. Here is its mission statement, signed by Brendon McDaniel and Poco Longfellow

When the Salty Badger was conceived and born from two genius minds, literally minutes prior to writing this statement, we had three major goals in our minds Bring our brand of comedy to the forefront, have beautiful women throwing themselves at us, and get Scrooge McDuck rich. We will settle for any one of the three. We will sneak our humor into the minds of the world one individual at a time. …