If you constantly buy cheap cigarettes, it means that you love them and they your constant partner in life. It does not matter when you started smoking. The main thing you chose a certain brand of cigarettes and stay loyal to it.

So, you will be interested to learn something interesting about cigarettes. Below are some interesting facts about tobacco and smoking. At least to smoke a cigarette, the smoker spends about five minutes. Check it out for yourself, if you buy cheap cigarettes.

The Peruvian aborigines of the Aguaruna used hallucinogenic substances in enemas when using tobacco.

The term “smoking” as such appeared only at the end of the seventeenth century, before that it was often called “dry drunkenness”.

Sugar and cocoa are often added to cigarettes.

The Aztecs considered tobacco to be the embodiment of the goddess Qihuacoatl, whose body must have consisted entirely of tobacco. Pumpkin tobacco and bags were associated with the symbols of divinity.

Cigarettes are the most popular commodity in the world. Currently, more than 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced worldwide throughout the year. cheap cigarettes seem to be an attractive source of income for the state, because among the population there are a lot of people who smoke them.

Ambergris (vomiting of whales) is added to cheap cigarettes for flavor.

Nicotine is named after Jean Nico, the French ambassador to Portugal, who brought tobacco and the habit of Smoking in Australia to a French court in the middle of the sixteenth century, as a medicine.

There is a suggestion that the monk Ramon Payne, who accompanied Christopher Columbus to America, brought tobacco to Europe.

French anthropologist and ethnologist Claude Levi-Strauss states that smoking helps to strengthen personal relationships within the company of people and often serves as an indicator in social adaptation.