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How to find inexpensive cigarettes: 5 steps (with pictures)

E-cigarettes may not be as safe as you think

Edited by Stelu Barbu, Wingrider, SilverSparkz, NithinVijay and 4 others

If you are looking for inexpensive cigarettes, you have more options then you might think of at first. Inexpensive or cheap cigarettes can be great for an ailing wallet, but bad on the smoking pleasure you receive. This article is going to cover the major brands of cigarettes, which can be found cheaper at different locations.

The six options you have for finding inexpensive cigarettes are grocery stores, department stores, on the internet, a smoke shop, the Indian reservations, or rolling your own cigarettes.

One will more than triple your costs associated with smoking and may get you into legal trouble, and one of those options for inexpensive cigarettes will cut your smoking cost in half.