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Hints for those who want to buy electronic cigarette online – electronic cigarette pros

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The electronic cigarette has become quite popular as an alternative to tobacco smoking, which has become recognized as a danger to health. It is identified as a contributing factor to many of the health issues that cause most of the deaths that are not due to natural causes. Warnings by the FDA indicate that smoking is hazardous to a persons health. Thus, people have become aware of e cigs as an alternative. Many users choose to buy electronic cigarette online.

ECIG Starter Kit Variations

There are variations among the kits offered. Some have a greater supply of cartridges, which is the flavor portion of the unit. Others have more batteries, which are the power that operates them, and some have more accessories like charger selections and cases, etc. There are even kits that have only one unit, so that the potential user can try it to see if it is for them, or a user can try new flavors or options without having to buy a huge quantity of any one thing.


Though they cant be marketed as an aid to stop smoking, they can serve that purpose. Many users claim to have been able to give up conventional smoking by using the electric cigarette. Being able to buy electric cigarette online makes it convenient to keep the supply on hand at all times. Though supplies are available at many brick and mortar stores, it can be less convenient. Though there is a shipping charge involved, the savings on gasoline to go across town to find a store that carries these supplies can go toward shipping costs, making them a bargain. This is especially true since with most brands it is less expensive to buy electronic cigarette online.

Price Differences

Though all major brands are available online, there is a difference in prices and quality. Prices range from a low of $19.95 to over $300. Just because one brand is a higher price doesnt necessarily mean it is better. Some make claims that cannot be substantiated. The best way to choose is to get recommendations from others, try different brands, and then select the brand and options that best meet your needs. Once you have decided this, you can buy electronic cigarette online to get the best deals.

Top Brands

Three brands that are considered to be among the top e cigarette brands when purchasing electronic cigarettes are V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and SmokeStik. Their lower prices, greater quality, and selection of options make them the best deal to buy electronic cigarette online. They are comparable in the prices of their kits, though each kit contains different components. Some kits have more accessories some have more batteries, and some kits have more cartridges.

V2 Cigs

This brand, V2 Cigs, is considered by many to be the best deal of all in electronic cigarettes. They have kits that range in price from a low of $29.95, which is a basic trial kit, with only one unit, up to their highest priced kit, the Ultimate Kit, which costs $189.95. The Ultimate Kit contains

  • 3 batteries
  • 25 cartridges
  • A variety of chargers, including a car adapter
  • A case that can be used to charge the unit
  • A metal case
  • A user manual
  • Other accessories

South Beach Smoke

The brand ranked second in electronic cigarettes, by some standards, is South Beach Smoke. Their kits start as low as $29.99, with the highest price kit being just $159.99. This brand has the three piece construction, with the atomizer and cartridge in two separate pieces, unlike those with a cartomizer. Some users think the two piece construction is easier, while others prefer the three piece construction. Each style has, of course, a battery to power it.

Their mid range kit is priced at $74.95 and includes the following

  • A battery
  • An atomizer
  • Three chargers USB with car and wall adapters
  • A case
  • Six assorted cartridges

One thing that makes this brand superior to some others is their home delivery program. With this program, the user gets a 20% discount to buy electronic cigarette online, so upfront the prices will be a little cheaper than what is shown on the website. There are additional benefits to this optional program. They include a lifetime warranty, members only special offers, and automatic delivery of supplies so that the user is never without. Users claim this added convenience, along with the taste, make this brand one of the top ones.


The SmokeStik is among the top brands to buy electronic cigarette online. They are preferred by many users for their tobacco like taste and the strong throat hit they provide, which makes them more like the traditional smoke without all the negatives, such as smoke, ash, odor and added chemicals that are detrimental to the health.

The mid range kit is $79.95, comparing in price to the other kits. Though it has fewer cartridges than the other ones, having only three, it has two batteries and three chargers, which make it an equal value to the others. This makes it rank among the best brands if you want to buy electronic cigarette online.

Electronic cigarettes are not for everyone. However, many who once smoked claim that they have helped them to be able to quit. The ability to choose the strength of nicotine helps to be able to eventually overcome the desire for it and eventually quit all together. Though not marketed as a smoking cessation device, users claim they have done just that.

There are a number of reasons to buy electronic cigarette online. Some of these reasons include the following
Lower prices
Special offers and discounts
Steady supply

With the shipping speeds and low cost, or, in some cases free, shipping, the discounts actually lead to less expense and quick access. If the user orders online before anticipating the need for refills, there is no chance of running out. Some companies even offer regular shipments based on the anticipated needs, meaning supplies are always available, without that last minute rush out to the store to purchase refills. The convenience and savings truly make this the preferred method of purchase.

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