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Anyone who has ever dealt with the broad portfolio of Reemtsma GmbH, which has existed since 1910, knows that the company is not without a good reason one of the very big players on the German tobacco and cigarette market. So with regard to drum tobacco you can be absolutely sure that a lot of experience and know-how has been invested in the brand. And that has definitely paid off: Drum cigarettes have long since become one of the world’s best-known and most successful rolling tobacco brands. So it is no wonder that almost everything on and around the product is convincing – from the raw materials used to the packaging (robust tobacco pouch with practical zip fastener) to the final aroma, everything is just right here.

Aroma, consistency and yield of the drum tobacco – The tobacco of the Drum cigarettes comes as a wonderfully woody, long-fibred and sufficiently moist mass that not only exudes an extremely pleasant aroma – but is also very easy to portion. The yield is very good. After all, there is a lot to be said for it in this case.

How strong is the Drum cigarettes tobacco?

The Drum cigarettes tobacco currently comes in three different types and strengths. There is the classic half-ware variant in the dark blue packaging, which has a medium to high thickness – and is clearly addressed to friends of intensive tobacco consumption. Those who like it more balanced in terms of strength should, on the other hand, be satisfied with the medium-strength variant in the light blue packaging. And for all those who like things a little easier, the lighter tobacco variant in the golden packaging is recommended. This is the lightest of all drum-rolling tobacco.

How does the Drum cigarettes taste?

With regard to the aroma and taste, it is the pure, authentic-looking tobacco taste; which is clearly in the foreground with regard to smoking pleasure.