So you want Vapor? Lots of Vapor? Only Red Dragon offers the V 5 battery which is designed to provide more vapor than any other brand! Other electronic cigarettes have circuitry that limits the vapor production to 3 second bursts. The Red Dragon V 5 battery will produce vapor for as long as you draw on it providing dramatic, unlimited vapor production. Exclusive, and only at Red Dragon.

The Design of Red Dragon Electronic CigarettesUnlike other e cigarettes that may have 4 or more components, low grade batteries and cheap, plastic cartridges, Red Dragon E Cigarettes are made with only 2 parts, the high grade battery section and the replaceable Stainless Steel e cig cartridge. To change an e cigarette cartridge you simply unscrew the old one and screw on a new one! No fumbling, No mess! Unlike other brands, with Red Dragon E Cigarettes you always get a new atomizer each time you replace the cartridge! No more worries about atomizer maintenance or breakage!

The Value of Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes

Red Dragon offers the very best quality at an unbeatable price! Why pay over $100 for a starter kit or $15 for a pack or cartridges when you can buy the quality of Red Dragon for so much less? Higher price does not always mean a better product. Choose Red Dragon e cigarettes and accessories for the best choices and the very best quality at a fair price!

The Best Guarantee in the Business!

Red Dragon guarantees the high quality of its products, providing the best guarantee in the electronic cigarette business. If you purchase Red Dragon products and are dissatisfied for any reason, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a 100% refund. Red Dragon customers also enjoy a Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects on all electronic components. If a component fails to perform up to expectations, Red Dragon will fix or replace it at no cost to you.

The Look & Feel of Red Dragon E Cigarettes

Red Dragon e cigarettes look and feel like real cigarettes, more than any other brand! The LED at the tip emits a pleasant glow each time you puff, simulating a real cigaretteв s в burning emberв ! Unlike other brands that produce weak smoke, the vapor produced by Red Dragonв s advanced atomizer is thick and looks almost identical to tobacco smoke, but dissipates within seconds and has no offensive odor!
Red Dragon is the only company that allows you to customize the look of your e cig with our unique Dragon Skinsв . With various fashionable and fun designs, you can change or camouflage the look of the white battery section. Cartridges also come in different colors such as gold, white, brown, black and green.

The Flavor of Red Dragon E Cigs Kits

Changing flavors is difficult with other brands. You must reuse the atomizer and, frequently, reuse the mouthpiece when you replace a cartridge. The old flavor gets stuck in the e cigв s atomizer, causing it to mix with the new flavor. With Red Dragon, you get a new atomizer and a new fresh flavor each time you replace the cartridge! Our one of a kind cartridge design allows you to change flavors quickly and easily. Red Dragon offers a tasty variety of in stock flavors such as Regular Tobacco (has a smooth, chocolaty tobacco taste), Marbello (a full brand flavor), Light Tobacco (a lighter brand flavor), Cherry (a favorite fruit flavor) and Vanilla (another favorite herb flavor)! Red Dragon offers an additional 19 flavors that can be acquired through Special Order for the widest variety of flavors available anywhere!

The Nicotine in Red Dragon E Cigarette Cartridges

Red Dragon E Cigarettes offers the widest range of Nicotine strengths! Some smokers use electronic cigarettes in different Nicotine strengths to taper down or eliminate the quantity of Nicotine they require. Choose from High (16 mg ) Medium (11 mg) Low (6mg) and the most popular в Noneв (0 mg) for the smartest alternative to smoking tobacco! Our unique cartridge design makes it simple to switch Nicotine strengths.

The Convenience of Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes

You want your electronic cigarette to look and feel like a real cigarette в not a second rate imitation. Each e cig needs to be the right size and weight. You also want your cigarette to be simple to charge and use. Red Dragon provides a wall charger, a car charger, and a USB charger for its products. And, if you donв t want to charge and re use your electronic cigarette, Red Dragon also sells a disposable product.

The Difference Between Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes vs. Other BrandsThere are so many different brands of E cigarettes to choose from now days that it seems overwhelming. There are many new dealers appearing online who call their product an electronic cigarette, electric cigarette, vapor cig, e cig, e smokes, puffer, or mini cig. There are many differences in the construction, quality and reliability of these devices. Many of the cheaper styles use plastic components and low grade batteries. You get what you pay for so beware of cheap knock off devices that are very poorly made or youв ll be disappointed.

Stick with the best known в and most trusted в e cigarette brands for its great product, great results and great customer service.

For the best in a mini, 2 part electronic cigarettes with a disposable atomizer and realistic look and feel, Red Dragon Electronic Cigarette is your product! Red Dragon is committed to provide our customers the latest in e cigarette technology, the best e cig products, the most flavor choices and the best service possible.

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Please visit our E Cigarettes Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes.

Red Dragon offers the very best, highest quality electric cigarette available! Red Dragon is made of only the finest components, so you will have a trouble free experience every time you puff. Before packaging each device, we thoroughly test every part. Our cartridges have a superior design each one includes a built in atomizer. So, you acquire a new atomizer with each replacement cartridge. Red Dragon provides a better smoking experience, more nicotine, more flavor, and less hassle than any other electric cigarette. And with Red Dragon you donв t need to worry about combining different flavors and nicotine strengths в or deal with the hassles of atomizer maintenance that other brands require.

V2 cigs review

Denver, colorado tobacco stores find discounts for ryo & cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are still new in the market but many people are now adapting this new piece of technology in hopes of getting rid of their actual smoking habits. Since there are many people who want to quit smoking due to many health disadvantages, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has mostly risen in the past few years. As a result, several manufacturers have entered the market in hopes to make a name for them by making the perfect electronic cigarette. Today I will focus my review on V2 Cigs, an electronic cigarette brand which has earned the title America s favorite electronic cigarette . Having tried over 40 brands of electronic cigarettes, it’s important to read about a brand rates the most popular brand in the world.

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The V2 Cigs Brand Official Analysis

First Off The V2 Cigs Starter Kits

V2 Cigs offer a variety of starter kits for both advanced and beginner users of the electronic cigarette. I purchased the V2 Standard Starter Kit which is currently available for $79.95. $64.95. Here is what I got when the order was shipped to me

  • 1 Automatic Battery
  • 1 Manual Battery
  • 1 Charger kit (includes wall and USB charger)
  • 10 atomized cartridges
  • Manual
  • 5 discount cards
  • 1 15% off coupon on further purchases

As you can see that the standard starter kit includes everything I need to start vaping. I was actually a little happy when I saw the discount cards and 15% off vouchers. This is a great strategy by the manufacturer to get me buying more from them. Bull Smoke does a similar referral strategy. If you didn’t read about that brand, click here. I rate these brands as the cream de la creme of the industry.

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Batteries Offered by V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Since I got both automatic and manual batteries with my order, I got the chance to review each of these one by one. After trying both of the batteries for two weeks each, I came to a conclusion that the manual battery is a better choice. Since the manual battery gives you the ultimate control, it may last longer than the automatic battery. I can turn it on demand and shut it off when I am done, whereas the automatic battery turns on when I puff and shuts off when I am not puffing for a few seconds. The main advantage that I found out between the two was that the manual battery gave me better vapor production and taste results.

Other than that, there are hardly any more differences between the two. Both of them look and weigh the same. Each of the battery looks well constructed and gives the feeling of safety when handling. The batteries come in white and blue colors. The one with the blue color has a white LED while the one with the white color has Blue LED. The matte finish on the battery gives it a great look when held in hand or while puffing. As far as the life expectancy of a single charge goes, I found out that both of these offer the same. I used the electronic cigarette very often and yet it gave me 10 hours (manual battery). My vaping sessions usually last more than 10 minutes and at the end of each day I did not have to necessarily charge the battery.

The batteries offered by V2 cigs come in different sizes and colors. The colors offered include black, stainless, white, blue and pink. The sizes offered are 110mm short version, 120mm standard version and 140mm long version. The charging time of the battery peaks at 4 hours from zero to hundred percent.

Charging kit

The charging kit offered by V2 Cigs comes with two options the USB charger and the Wall charger. The great thing about the chargers is that none of these look or resemble cheap materials. When held in hand, you can easily feel that the stuff is solid. When charging, a red LED indicates that the battery is being charged with light strokes of blue, and when the battery is fully charged, the LED light changes into static blue color.

Cartomizers (Refill Cartridges)

The cartomizers offered by V2 cigs come in a variety of flavors and strengths. For my standard kit, I placed an order for Menthol and V2 Red flavors. Both of these came in full strength flavors which contain 1.8% nicotine. MY first impression was quite good because I felt the vapor was plenty and the flavor was distinct and strong. V2 Cigs is known for great vapor production and I was never disappointed. If you are interested in getting this electronic cigarette brand, a full list of flavors is available on the official website. The list of flavors also outlines the different ingredients used to make these.

The cartomizers last equal to a single pack of traditional cigarettes. According to one week results, as mentioned earlier, my sessions last more than ten minutes. I had to use a single cartomizer everyday with this routine. When I was a regular smoker, I used to smoke at least one pack a day, so I can confidently say that these do equal to a single pack of a traditional cigarette.


As mentioned earlier, V2 Cigs has gained reputation due to its ability to produce intense and taste worthy vapor. Here is what I thought of the initial flavors I ordered


I usually love menthol flavor in my cigarettes. With the V2 Cigs menthol flavor, I felt nothing like before. The flavor is potent and hits you straight with coolness and I think a regular smoker of menthol flavored cigarettes will love this.

V2 Red

The V2 Red is a classic tobacco flavor with a hint of chocolate. I wasn t pleased with the flavor at first mainly because I am not really a fan of chocolate flavored cigarettes. But as I started using it daily, I found out that this flavor can be quite distinct from the rest of the variety available. At the end of the week, I found myself ordering more of these. The flavor can best be described as traditional tobacco with a hint of chocolate after taste.


As mentioned earlier, the standard starter kit of V2 Cigs come with plenty of discount vouchers. At first I thought I would not be using these tokens, but as I started using the electronic cigarette, I grew to appreciate its taste and build quality. I used the 15% discount voucher to buy myself more cartridges.

Can V2 Cigs E Cigs Be the Best Brand for You?

I hope you enjoyed reading the review and found it informative. I have constructed this review after using the brand for at least three weeks. I have grown to like the V2 cigs brand and would definitely recommend it to beginners. The taste, the vapor production and build quality of the cigarette itself is very exquisite and worthy of at least a single tryout. If you want, you can purchase a single pack test electronic cigarette from V2 Cigs which is cheap and easily available.

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I hope that whatever brand you end up choosing certainly satisfies your hunger for nicotine, yet gets rid of the nasty tobacco, tar and many of the carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes.

If I can ever be of service in recommending a brand, please leave a comment and I’m happy to help answer questions.

Thanks for reading the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette review. Click here for a V2 Cigs 15 off coupon.