davidoff-slims-goldDavidoff cigarettes today are a remarkable brand, offering the top delight to those who consume them.

The verifiable scenery of this brand showed up due to the Swiss industrialist and representative Zino Davidoff.

He was born in Russia, but definitely in Switzerland his ability of being a master was revealed in full. Zino Davidoff, conceived in Kiev, Russian Empire, was a maker of various tobacco results of predominant quality.

In the wake of having moved on from school in 1924, Zino left for Latin America to discover more about the tobacco handling.

Having returned to Switzerland in 1930, he accepted control over his parents’ shop.

In 1970, Zino sold his tobacco shop in Geneva to the Max Oettinger Company.

The Max Oettiger Company, which accepted control Davidoff, was set up in 1875 and was one of the essential shippers of Havana stogies to Europe, offering its items in France, Germany and Switzerland. Headed by the Swiss-root Ernst Schneider, Oettiger paid in excess of $1 million for the Davidoff shop, considering various chances to advance these items.

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The refined kind of this tobacco item has been seen as a proportional word for “indulgence”. Davidoff cigarettes are supported by an awesome larger part of smokers from wherever all through the world, since they are ensured to have the best smoking pleasure. These full-prepared cigarettes have an extremely unique, rich and brilliant taste. The Davidoff cigarettes are seen as the picture of dominating taste and refinement.

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