davidoff-slims-goldDavidoff brand today is a premium brand, offering high quality products in many categories of luxury: cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, leather goods, watches and more others.

The history of this brand appeared due to the Swiss industrialist and businessman Zino Davidoff. He was born in 1906 in Russia and had a more familiar name to our ears – Zinovy Davydov.

But exactly in Switzerland his talent of businessman was revealed in full. It is here in the shop of his parents and he put the tobacco business, so that soon the whole of Europe and later the world learned of his high quality cigars and cigarettes.

Zino Davidoff traveled around the tobacco plantations of Cuba, Brazil and Argentina. And, of course, knew a lot about high-quality tobacco. But there are many experts in the world, but there only a few people who are able to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Davidoff cigarettes in the tobacco sector are primarily high quality cigarettes. They are ideal externally: their design was not only marked with prizes at the most prestigious exhibitions of tobacco.

One of the last one was the prize for the best design of the exhibition at Tobacco Plus Expo Show 2008.

Davidoff Cigarettes are qualitative inside as well: only high-quality raw materials are used for the production of Davidoff cigarettes.

Experts of the company select it on the best tobacco plantations around the world. Today, the brand is owned by Imperial Tobacco Davidoff International Corporation. The cigarettes production is concentrated in Germany, where there is carried out a thorough quality control.

This is what allows Davidoff cigarettes remain the leader firm in position in the premium segment sales in 70 countries of the world.

In the line of Davidoff cigarettes there are presented Slim and Super Slim versions. For example, in this assortment there are produced Davidoff Gold Slims and Davidoff Gold Super Slims.

These slim graceful cigarettes with a minimum content of nicotine are popular with women.

There is a line of Davidoff cigarettes which is strictly oriented on men. They are made in standard form of Kings Size. For those who enjoy the lighter varieties, Davidoff Gold may be suitable. To those ones, who prefer the classic taste and moderate nicotine, can select Davidoff Classic. And for those who love strong taste like Cuban rum – Davidoff Magnum Classic is the best option.

We can say that Zino Davidoff taught the world to live beautifully, giving a choice of quality products.