Some non – smokers will say that it would be better not to smoke in open places.

Nowadays, smokers have a chance to buy cigarettes online, which are manufactured by known tobacco producers, protected by top brands, but are marketed by online tobacco stores at quite moderate costs. Smokers confirm that they buy discount cigarettes online because such shopping lets them spare cash.

Clearly, smokers don’t need to have conflicts with non-smokers because of their habit to consume tobacco. It is their private matter unless it bothers anyone in their surrounding. Directly for the reason that some smokers neglect precautions, restricting bans appear which prohibit the tobacco use in some places. Do people need it? Why cannot people share the world without conflicts?

Restricting bans are considered as a preventive measure to secure non-smokers against the second-hand smokes. In any case, the ban initiators insist that they are.

The problem is that the restrictions bother even those smokers who do consume their cigarettes without disturbing anyone. Law makers unfortunately do not distinguish between smokers; they make restrictions for all of them.

Smoking is not illegal. Tobacco consumers buy cigarettes online, which are legally promoted by web stores. All transactions related to the marketing of cigarettes are officially done and not prohibited. If the shopping is legal, the consumption is legal as well.

The rest thing is that tobacco consumers must once understand how they must consume them. Do not smoke in public places, stay away from the others when you light cigarettes in streets. You cannot know who stands nearby. This can be one of those who think that smoking is the danger no. 1 for the entire world.

Consider that the others have different opinions about the tobacco use.

Smokers must do their best to prevent the critics of non-smokers. Do not give them a chance for anti-tobacco propaganda.

Buy discount cigarettes online to daily smoke, but consider where you will do it.

It can for sure cause difficulties if you once have a urgent need to smoke, but do your best!

Try to be more patient!

As best, specify your smoking time and make sure that you will light cigarettes in some places where no one will be bothered with cigarette fumes. It is needed for your security and pleasure!