The Drum cigarettes brand has long since achieved cult status among smokers. Drum tobacco is cheap, but of very high quality and therefore very popular among connoisseurs. Drum is available in different strengths and formats, there is something for every type of smoker. The cut of the tobacco is long-fiber.

Drum cigarettes are a popular classic on the market and are successfully marketed by the Reemtsma Company. The tobacco generally offers a very good price-performance ratio and is one of the more affordable tobacco alternatives on the market. It is aimed specifically at smokers who prefer stronger types of tobacco. Because here you get a darker tobacco mixture, which as Halfzware Shag offers a stronger tobacco taste. The mixture works well as everyday tobacco for smokers who do not want to buy pre-made cigarettes. The processing of the tobacco is therefore possible with tamping machines or cigarette paper. You can also buy the classic drum tobacco in the online tobacco shop. Even beginners who have previously not smoked these cigarettes will learn to love them in a short time. For many smokers, the smoking of these cigarettes has become a special moment.

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