dunhill_blackDunhill Cigarettes give smokers the best scent reminiscent of crisp tobacco and have a mind taste. The extraordinary Dunhill Cigarettes have a flavor like the genuine tobacco does. The Dunhill Cigarettes’ smell is tempting and will not bother after the intemperate utilization of different added substances.

Dunhill cigarettes are an extravagance brand of cigarettes produced by the British American Tobacco company. They are generally estimated as the cigarette-quality norm in all areas where they are sold.

They are distributed through Europe, Middle East, South Asia, South Africa, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia (being fabricated by British American Tobacco Malaysia a.k.a. Rothmans Group), Indonesia (being fabricated by Bentoel Group), New Zealand and Australia.

Dunhill Light cigarettes are bundled in transcendently white packages, with an inclined red edged square in the inside. But now, Dunhill has preferred to decorate this pack and presented in advertising campaigns a newly designed blue pack.

The Dunhill International cigarettes are distributed in the red packaging and are a standout amongst the most costly extravagance cigarette brands, which are accessible in the market. The Dunhill King size packaging (and this one includes the Full flavor, light and menthol light versions) are accessible just in the United States.

Dunhill cigarettes were regularly consumed by such persons as the writer Hunter S. Thompson, English shake artist John Lennon.

Dunhill International cigarettes are of American origin and are the domainof the Reynolds American.