NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) E cigarettes are still fairly new and account for only about one percent of sales in the tobacco market. A new Moody’s report predicts they could soon be regulated at the state and local levels.

That’s if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers them tobacco products. E cigarettes bring in about 2 billion dollars a year where the tobacco market brings in about 120 billion total annually.

Some people told 22News they hope sales for e cigarettes will increase because they believe they’re a cleaner alternative to the environment and their bodies.

“I was smoking a pack of cigarettes every day and I really needed to quit so when I started, I started using my e cigarette with the highest amount of nicotine and I would smoke it as often until I really needed a cigarette,” said Lucien Dalton of Amherst.

If e cigarettes are considered part of the tobacco industry, they’ll also need to follow the same laws. That would prohibit minors from buying them. They would also be restricted from restaurants and other areas where tobacco cigarettes can’t be smoked. the u.s. government’s official web portal

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