Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices which make you inhale tobacco and exhale a smoke like substance. The cigarette uses a heating element known as an atomizer that vaporizes a liquid solution. Most of it contains mixture of nicotine and flavours while others release a flavoured vapour without nicotine. At Jumia, you can do your electronic cigarette Online Shopping from brands like Ty Cigs, Shisha London, Vapouriz and more which comes with tobacco flavours that captures and refine the robust aroma of domestic tobacco blends. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere such as work, meetings and social gatherings without the risk of the smoke affecting anyone around them.

Electronic Cigarettes at Jumia

Discover electronic cigarettes at Jumia which comes with a full kit starter that completes everything you need to start making use of the cigarettes. Whether you are interested in adjusting your nicotine intake or are happy staying at one s strength, the various flavours we have at Jumia makes it easy for you. So why not get the electronic cigarette prices made available for you with cartridges that are refillable, USB chargers, batteries and also come in regular and strong nicotine concentrations depending on your choice. Get and taste the real deal of e cigarette that come with rich tobacco flavours, cool menthols and sweet flavours all in various colours and modern designs at Jumia.

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