Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We wish to share news with you. We will buy cigarettes online as before, but we will never smoke with my friends.
Being with my friends yesterday, we decided to smoke again, but thin cigarettes. We were the only ones who could take them unnoticed. In general, we soon had two Esse and two slim Winston cigarettes in our pocket.

The day passed quickly. Having met in the schoolyard, we moved to one interesting place. When the guys found out that another classmate was coming with us, they got tired, that soon the whole class would know, they were smoking, and so on, and so on … In general, we said, if they are so afraid that their mothers will deprive them of laptops and smart-phones for several days, we, girls, let them go. And they had left.

We girls, the three of us went to the closest trash. Once we lit up our Esse cigarette, some guys had appeared and started talking, supposedly pictured us. We, of course, did get angry. Because of them, we accidentally broke a cigarette. And we like the Esse cigarettes. In general, I gave them the remaining Winston cigarettes and asked to leave. We really do not like someone, looking at me while we were smoking. We love smoking and therefore, regularly buy cigarettes online Sydney, but for doing me a pleasure, not for being viewed, laughed and pictured. We felt embarrassed.

We had the opportunity to live in Swedish Lapland for six months – called Norbotten. There are no problems with smoking on the street. There are special urns near all the places. Swedes smoke. In trains you can not smoke! Only on platforms during stops. Very careful attitude towards smokers in the Luleå city’s Sunderby Hospital. Smoking rooms have the appearance of glazed gazebos and are heated! Nobody is bothered by smokers who buy cigarettes online.
Why is it different in some countries?