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Love nail tree – cheap cigarettes box-it

Column by Edrick Dudang

Thank you, Langara for not selling cigarettes.

Recently the B.C. government announced it would increase taxes on tobacco by 32 cents per pack on April 1.

Despite that increase, some students would still buy cigarettes on campus if they could. It is a good thing that Langara does not sell them.

If the college did allow vendors to sell cigarettes, then the number of smokers would undoubtedly rise, along with unwanted second hand smoke.

According to the B.C. Lung Association, people who are aged 20 to 24 have the highest rate of smoking in the province, followed by 25 to 29 year olds.

This is a scary statistic. Removing the accessibility of cigarettes can help reduce the introduction of smoking to students. In addition, school should not be a place where this deadly habit is encouraged.

Selling cigarettes on campus would send the wrong message

If selling tobacco products was allowed, the college would be sending a message that smoking is appropriate.

According to Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada, selling tobacco on campuses reinforces the notion that smoking is a socially normative, sanctioned adult behaviour.

Some of my mornings are ruined because there are people smoking in front of me as I walk from the SkyTrain to Langara. The air quality of the pathway between the two on school days is horrendous because of smokers.

If Langara started selling cigarettes, then the walk would be even worse. The same thing can be said at the front of the school and near the security guard office.

Do I have to bring a mask just so I can safely go into school? I should not have to.

Reported by Edrick Dudang