IQOS is an e-gadget that heats unique heat sticks to a certain temperature. As a result, the IQOS device does not produce smoke. Heatsticks Menthol items are special cases.

The experiments also state that the process does not cause an irritating odor and does not have an antagonistic effect on the air.

If you are using IQOS sticks, you have probably actually seen that the Parliament sticks are never available again in retail stores. HEETS sticks have occupied the market niche. There are currently four flavors. Among them, the Heatsticks Menthol items are special cases.

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We create a legend about how you can really enjoy the flavors of Heatsticks menthol items when buying the Heets online. The use of the IQOS tobacco heat structure is generally clear and you can quickly see the subtleties of its use.

Here are some helpful tips for smoking of Heatsticks Menthol items. This is not a science; you will get the hang of it quickly, aside from reading our recommendations first. It is easy to clean the IQOS normally and appropriately. Be sure to read the manual before starting. This manual explains the main usage steps. If you buy Heets cheaply on the Internet, you will understand how best to smoke Iqos.

If the taste is predominant, try to slow the rate of absorption. Do everything you can to avoid overheating the duct.

In contrast to Parliament, the HEETS package has turned out to be more magnificent and tempting. We do not know if it is useful for tobacco products. A relief has also appeared on the pack. On the reverse side is a reference to the Parliament logo. It’s really a shame that the manufacturer didn’t reveal any information about the nicotine levels in the stick-over packaging. We open the pack and see that everything is still there.