Why does the manufacturer update IQOS so often? To hit the IQOS HEETs Australia market. Since recent years, the third generation of IQOS devices has already been released. This is reminiscent of Detroit’s “golden years” in the 1970s, when manufacturers changed the design of their cars every year.

The aerosol composition in IQOS remained unchanged, and this is the main thing. As for the device for heating tobacco itself, when the first IQOS was created, it took a lot of work to make the device affordable and easy to be used by IQOS HEETs Australia consumers. There were also shortcomings. Sometimes there were breakdowns. Newer versions are easier to use and more reliable.

Generally speaking, there is no limit to perfection. PMI owns not only the heat-not-burn tobacco heating technology, which is used in IQOS, but also interesting technologies for other electronic nicotine delivery devices. To convince a smoker to switch from cigarettes to alternative products, it is necessary to offer him as many choices as possible.

We do not think that nicotine can be considered an illegal substance, although some people say so. If we really want to interest cigarette smokers who do not want to quit smoking by switching to other products, those must contain nicotine, because it is part of the ritual and pleasure of smoking.

It has been proven that most of the diseases associated with smoking are caused not by nicotine itself, but by related substances contained in cigarette smoke.

IQOS sticks are classified as tobacco heating systems. This is a kind of intermediate link between e-cigarettes and regular ones, which have absorbed the most important of both.

As the name implies, these devices do not ignite tobacco, but heat it to 250-350⁰C. This is enough for the aromatic aerosol containing nicotine to evaporate from the tobacco impregnated with glycerin. This aerosol contains some significantly healthier components than cigarette smoke.

These IQOS HEETs Australia – offered sticks are marketed via online shops at the most reasonable prices, with discounts and promotional bonuses.

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