Tobacco giants invented IQOS Heets Sticks to become a new way of smoking. The new technology appeared through adaptation, in which the tobacco is heated and not burned.

It caused incense sticks to appear, commonly referred to as rechargeable cartridges. These are mechanical sticks that are filled with the same tobacco used for common cigarettes. Therefore IQOS Heets Sticks have the aroma of conventional cigarettes.

The IQOS (tobacco heating technology) product is a new era in the history of tobacco companies, both among themselves and with opponents of tobacco smoking. At the same time, this technology is innovative.

From a consumer point of view, IQOS Heets Stick sets contain a device for heating tobacco on the one hand, and on the other hand, sticks for IQOS, which are heated with this device and emit “tobacco” vapor while they are not burning, do not smolder and do not form ashes when consumed (other combustion products).

Judging by the trends going abroad, the largest tobacco producers are slowly but surely smashing the market for vapes and other smoking mechanisms. In the United States, for example, every third e-cigarette is manufactured on conveyor belts by transnational companies. With the advent of new dry tobacco devices, liquid vaporizer manufacturers are likely to be completely unemployed. Removable sticks in their composition are ordinary cigarettes. Abroad, the packaging of such “cartridges” is even cheaper than a pack of similar cigarettes of the same brand. At the same time, the stick does not smoke, which means that it can be smoked almost anywhere. The tobacco lovers who buy the IQOS Heets Sticks have the same advantages as Vaper.

Philip Morris’ Marlboro HEETS are designed for use with IQOS. They come in many flavors. HEETS Tobacco Sticks are heated but not burned. HEETS tobacco sticks from Philip Morris are made of high quality and compressed tobacco. The five tobacco blends offer an authentic tobacco taste. When the tobacco is heated in the IQOS holder, the nicotine-containing aerosol is released. Inhalation takes place, similar to a classic cigarette, through the filter of the tobacco stick. To use HEETS from Marlboro you need the IQOS kit.