cigarettesSmokers compel attention of those ones who do not smoke. These people are very interesting and original. That is why non-smokers like to study the smoking of manner of smokers.

In fact, the way a smoker produces smoke, can give a clear image about his/her taken decision. If the smoke is directed downward, then your interlocutor has taken a negative decision, he/she intends to refuse you.

If the smoke goes up, then it will be a positive resolution. If the smoke is directed to another side, it is likely that your interlocutor is still caught between two fires; he had not yet taken a final decision.

The way a person holds a cigarette, you can determine his/her mood and intentions. Smoker holding a cigarette, squeezing with his/her fist, then he/she has a bad mood, he/she is trying to hide emotions from the interlocutor, and does not intend to discover true thoughts, it is possible that he lays a scheme.

If the cigarette is held between the middle and index fingers, it’s a sign that your interlocutor is self-assured, is intended to start communicating; conversation with him/her can be productive. If a woman is holding a cigarette, while showing the wrist toward the man, it can be a flirt signal, so she flirts with a man.

A very important characteristic of a smoker is how quickly he/she smokes. If he/she smokes very quickly, while dramatically drawing in cigarette smoke, it is said that he/she used to lead a very active lifestyle, doing everything on the run, always in a hurry.

He/she is always impetuous in actions. If a person smokes slowly, it is a sign that he/she is used to live in a measured, unhurried pace.

He can always find a minute or two to stop before choosing and reflect. This individual is a thinker: he analyzes and thinks a lot.

The emotionally balanced person probably has to do with the creative profession, where the process of thinking is one of the most important processes.

If a person smokes, and closes eyes meanwhile, it indicates that the person is immersed in deep thought, concentrated on his/her thoughts. It is better not to pester him/her with questions.

If one produces smoke in the form of a fine spray, this may be an indication of his determination or even of temperament. He/she is used to make important decisions, knows what the burden of responsibility is. If a person produces buy cigarettes online uk smoke smoothly, the so called the smoke “rings”, he/she is predisposed to melancholy, reverie, and is by nature gentle and less decisive.