HUDSON Beginning in July, 18 year olds will no longer be able to buy cigarettes in town, as Hudson health officials Tuesday night approved raising the minimum purchase age for tobacco products to Board of Health also banned smoking in town owned parks and playgrounds and voted to prohibit healthcare institutions, such as pharmacies, from selling tobacco products in town to help reduce the high percentage of cigarette smokers in Hudson residents, about 12 percent are regular smokers, which has led to the town having one of the highest lung cancer hospitalization and death rates in the region, said Sam Wong, director of public and community health Hudson High School, nearly 10 percent of students smoke cigarettes regularly, according to the most recent MetroWest Adolescent Health Needham, which recently raised the minimum purchase age to 21, only 5.5 percent of high school students characterize themselves as regular smokers, 4 percent less than the regional average.A recent study found that 90 percent of people who purchase cigarettes for distribution to underage children are under 21, said joining Needham, Sharon, Canton and Deedham as towns that increased the minimum purchase age for tobacco products, Board of Health members believe the number of teenage smokers in town could diminish.”I fully support raising the age to 21,” said Board of Health member Patricia Board of Health member Jay Murphy said some storeowners are concerned about a decline in business, Murphy noted that raising the age to 21 will deter teenagers from getting cigarettes.”No one person came out and said they re in favor of smoking,” said board also banned pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aide Pharmacy, from selling tobacco products in their Hudson said health officials will send a letter to local shops detailing the new receiving several complaints about smoking in town owned parks and playgrounds, smoking will be prohibited at town parks and fields. No smoking signs will be posted in July to notify residents, said officials hope the new regulations will lessen the percentage of smokers and create a healthier Hudson.”As a nurse, I d be hard pressed not to vote for these restrictions,” said Malachowski can be reached at 508 490 7466 or jmalachowski Follow him on Twitter JmalachowskiMW.

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