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The tobacco industry first introduced cigarette filters in the 1960s with the goal of making cigarettes “safer”. At first it was claimed that the filters reduce the amount of tar and prevent tobacco flakes from getting into the lighter flakes. It was soon discovered that this was not the case, and cigarettes were just as dangerous with filters. But it wasn’t until years later that this information reached the public, and even today most smokers think filtered cigarettes are safer, perhaps because they don’t taste as harsh. Most cigarettes in Australia have holes in the filters, ostensibly to let more air in with each puff, making smoking easier. We know that, promoting cigarettes online Australia wide.

L&M cigarettes in the late 90s became a symbol of a whole generation, and brought The Altria Group huge profits. A feature of the brand is a three-stage filtration system that retains the maximum amount of harmful substances. Connoisseurs consider the insufficiently high quality of tobacco and an unpleasant aftertaste to be a significant disadvantage of the brand. Six types of L&M cigarettes are offered to the attention of consumers: Filter, Lights, Super Lights, Ultra Lights, Menthol, Cran Grape, and Strawberry. The strongest variety, Filter, contains 12 mg of tars, and the softest – Ultra Light, which is also quite strong – 4 mg.

The unusualness of The Rothmans brand cigarettes produced by Rothmans International plc is that they are a compromise between price and quality and still cannot be said definitively to the expensive or cheap varieties of tobacco they belong to. There are only two types of Rothmans on sale: King Size, with strength of 10mg, and King Size Special Mild, strength of 7mg.

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