Iqos is a type of electronic device for smoking, which is based on the process associated with heating tobacco. Manufacturers claim that such cigarettes harm the human body to a lesser extent than tobacco cigarettes; the popularity of gadgets is growing daily. A smoking device was designed to create a less dangerous alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Iqos does not support the burning of tobacco, but only warms up to a temperature not exceeding three hundred and fifty degrees. Tobacco emits a nicely flavored aerosol containing nicotine. The innovation used in heating technology eliminates the presence of carcinogens in aerosol; the volume of hazardous components compared to cigarettes is reduced by ninety-five percent.

Over the long time Phillip Morris made significant advancements to the IQOS bundling and plan, making it a more modern item. In this way, it is being able to ‘convert’ developing numbers of cigarette smokers seeking out for a more beneficial elective to standard smoking.

Thus, we can say that IQOS is one of the most demanding alternatives to cigarettes in the tobacco sphere today. No matter where you live, you can buy Iqos anytime.

After having been released in Japan in 2014 it is now sold in 49 countries globally including Australia. Iqos Australia is now available online at accessible prices. The quality of Iqos Australia products speaks for itself because it opens a new horizon in smoking experience.

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