Today we will talk about how to choose an individual approach for IQOS Heets Australia customers of both sexes and make shopping comfortable and psychologically pleasurable for both women and men in our online store.

A woman spends a lot of time looking for her perfect purchase – for “the same dress” or “these shoes”. The weaker sex is willing to spend more on the selected product than originally planned. Women can also spontaneously buy a product they like, even if objectively unnecessary. According to statistics, 79% of women do not tend to study the product card carefully before ordering. According to a special study, the trends in offline and online shopping are changing and women are increasingly opting for online shopping rather than traditional offline businesses.

We have developed our unique approach for IQOS Heets Australia clients of both sexes with regard to the above studies. We are targeting both audiences to distribute pet cigarettes online.

In our tactics, we prefer to send various newsletters to promote Heets cigarettes. For women, we explain why the Heets cigarettes are fashionable and preferable for the modern, state-of-the-art ladies.

For men, we explain why the Heets cigarettes express the masculinity and high-tech image of male consumers. So, there are two different approaches for the IQOS Heets Australia market. To learn more, subscribe to our newsletter.

But you’ll ask what we mean by the Heets cigarettes. Heets are not positioned as cigarettes, this is an innovative device. Cigarettes are said to burn tobacco, and Heets are aimed at heating tobacco. That is correct and we do not want to mislead British consumers by other statements.

But we are not technical specialists, we are marketers and promoters. We talk about the psychological approach, which is different from the technical point of view. Consumers have become accustomed to using cigarettes, whether traditional cigarettes or not. If it’s habit, why not?

Vape tools are also not cigarettes in the usual sense, but we refer to them as electronic cigarettes. Why not, if it is comfortable for the users? The saying “Heets cigarettes” can also be an appropriate description.