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With cigarette prices going sky high every year, along with federal and state taxes constantly going up it is becoming extremely expensive to smoke. As a smoker myself, the prices and taxes on cigarettes are completely outrages. For the ten years I have been smoking I can remember when cigarettes were three dollars a pack and now they have literally doubled. This year alone cigarettes have gone up fifty cents to almost a dollar in some areas. I have found that literally every three to four months the state and federal government is literally taxes cigarettes once again. I know that many people would just say that since the prices have gotten so high I should just simply stop smoking. The problem with that rationale is that, that is easier said then done.

No only have the prices and taxes of cigarettes gone up and up the smoking ban has not helped either. Twenty four states have enacted statewide smoking bans that also limit you to where you are allowed to smoke. Thes smoking bans have banned smoking form all enclosed public places, including restaurants and bars. These smoking bans essentially make it nearly impossible for smokers to enjoy their cigarettes barely anywhere. Smokers end up having to go outside and smoking out there like a bunch of degenerates. It sometimes feels as though the country is almost trying to make people quit smoking. However, for those of us who refuse to give up smoking, there are options for us. Quitting smoking is not as easy as people would look to assume and if I am going to quit is going to be because I want to.

Not only are cigarettes addicting, I myself really enjoy smoking. I do not feel as though I should have to quit something I enjoy, simply because the cost of them has risen so much. Therefore I figured that I would have to find a way to find cheaper cigarettes. Fortunately I did find them along with free shipping! In this article I will discuss where to find the best cigarettes online free shipping and help you not only enjoy cigarettes but also not break the bank.

Online Shopping

One of the best places you will find cigarettes for cheap prices is online. Online shopping will allow you to browse tons of websites looking for the lowest prices, free shipping and great deals. No only will you be able to find tons of sites that offer free shipping but you can find sites that offer discounted prices, coupons, bulk orders and a whole lot more. These online shopping sites will help you to save money, still smoke the cigarettes you love and do it much easier and with more money in your pocket.

Shipping Costs

Now you will find that with some of the sites you look at you will need to be careful of the shipping costs. There are plenty of cigarettes online free shipping that will help you keep the costs down. You need to be very careful when buying cigarettes online because if you simply click and order you may find that you are paying a lot of money in shipping taxes. The problem with buying cigarettes online is that many of the sites will offer discounted cigarette prices, however they will make up for it with five, ten or sometimes fifteen dollar shipping costs. When shipping becomes that expensive you might as well just go to the store and buy a pack yourself. Therefore in this article I will highlight the best places to go online that offer cigarettes online free shipping.

Best Places Online

There are many discount cigarettes that offer free shipping online. They will sell top brands of cigarettes such as Marlboro, Kent, Camel, Luck Strike, Kools, Newport and many more. These cigarettes will come by the carton and the shipping costs and taxes are typically included in the actual cost and price that you see. You will find that sites such as places like, and offer amazing low prices on their cigarettes and free shipping. The cigarettes you will find are amazing and you will find a huge variety of them that it will be utterly impossible for you not to find your brand. Not only will you find cigarettes but you will also find cigars, cigarillos, European cigarettes and much more. So stop worrying about rising costs and taxes because there is a whole other world full of cheap cigarettes and no shipping costs, right here, online! So stop hesitating and wasting your money, get online and start shopping.