You may recognize many of these product brands and be less familiar with others. Each product is designed to bring out specific qualities and characteristics of tobacco and meet the high expectations of our customers. You can find out more here Cigarettes

We manufacture cigarettes in 23 countries around the world with tobacco leaf sourced from over 50 countries.

For cigarettes we work with three main tobacco varieties virginia, burley and oriental, each grown and cured by thousands of farmers worldwide.

The consistent quality and particular taste of an individual brand of cigarette may still involve many different sources and grades of tobacco leaf. So to ensure we achieve exactly the right blend every time, we sample tobacco leaf continuously from many different suppliers and countries.

We often describe the supply side of our industry as an ever changing global street market where manufacturers of tobacco products must shop carefully if they are to meet expectations of consistent quality and taste.

Our cigarette portfolio contains eight Global Flagship Brands and more than 60 other cigarette brands that we market regionally.


Cigars are made with whole tobacco leaf used as the outer wrapper and bunches of leaves known as fillers creating the contents. Additional leaves known as binders are used to hold the tobacco fillers together. We sell both hand and machine made cigars to over 20 markets worldwide.

To produce the desired tobacco flavors, fillers of different strengths are blended together. Before trimming and packing, cigars are dried in a conditioning room to ensure they have the correct level of moisture.

Our major cigar brand is Hamlet, which is manufactured at our factory in Lisnafillan, Northern Ireland.

Rolling tobacco

Fine cut tobacco packed in loose form in pouches is known as rolling tobacco. It s used to produce roll your own cigarettes using rolling papers. In some brand pouches the rolling papers are included.

Filters can be brought separately and placed with tobacco in the rolling paper.

Once considered to be a lower grade of tobacco, rolling tobacco today is made to the same high standards as cigarettes with equal consideration being given to creating quality blends of individual aroma and flavor.


Traditionally used in Scandinavia, JTI produces authentic snus in a dedicated factory
in Sweden.

Snus is a tobacco product that, instead of being smoked, is placed in the mouth between the lip and the gum to allow flavors to disperse slowly. Made from expertly blended tobaccos, pure water, salt and essential oils, our snus brands balance heritage and innovation to bring consumers a unique range of products.

A high tech factory that relies on traditional Swedish know how, our site at V rg rda produces both loose and portioned snus.

Top electronic cigarette brands reviewed by experts

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Buying by Considering Flavors of e cigs

If you want flavored e cigarettes, there are many e liquid supplements that you can select from. These include menthol, tobacco, gourmet and fruits. These give the product distinction and one can stick to the tastes that conform to their needs. These are different from the deadly toxins that were inherent in classic cigarettes, no nasty and unpleasant smells. The cartridge is filled and replenished with safe additives such as colada, chocolate, peach and peppermint varieties. The smell is not repulsive and discomforting to people around you, unlike the old cigarettes. Reviewing the brands to analyze the comments by users on the flavors would shed light on the status of the make is better if you have never used the product again. When deciding on flavors, it also paramount that you ascertain on whether the cartridge can be replenished when it is depleted. However, if you have been using the cigs for some time it might appear that the tastes are indistinguishable you can consider other factors to get the best products.

Nature of the Battery

Since electronic cigarettes have a battery which heats up the liquid nicotine solution contained in cartridge compartments, it is an important component. How long the battery lasts before being rendered unusable is a matter of manufacturer s production process and other factors. Rechargeable batteries are available and can last for as long as a whole year. There are premium brands that offer long lasting batteries that hold more charge and are durable.

There is a connection between the size of the battery used with the charge held and lasting period. The ones with large ones tend to last long and also retain charge for longer periods. To ascertain on the size of the battery, you should know that the bottom tip of the e cigs contain the battery while the top accommodates the mouth piece, cartridge and atomizer. This means that a large tip below the e cig means a large and long lasting electric battery. The battery constitutes an important component because, once it breaks down, the device becomes useless and cannot be used again unless it is replaced. Thus acquiring a device with a durable electric battery is better is you cut down on expenses, you will only need money to refill a depleted cartridge.

Preferences and Designs of Electronic Cigarettes

The top electronic cigarette brands are also presented in inviting and distinct designs, with a feel of modernity. E cigarettes are differentiated today by the guise of the roll ups some are yellow, purple or orange, a departure from the whitish appearances of the classical cigarettes. Upcoming brands have conspicuous colors that enable them to shine with brilliance. Colors are important when buying a product, some people link personality with different colors.

Selecting between Disposable and Reusable products

You have two options when it comes to e cigs, the reusable or the disposable. You can have the disposable types if you do not want to hassle to replenish the cartridge, you can choose from the many products offered in the market. The brands are provided in packets or as single sticks. They are similar to the rechargeable devices, the only difference is that they are used once and discarded. The battery and differing flavors are also included in the device, you can therefore, choose the ones that conform to your preferences. Disposable e cigs are accessible and you can even take several puffs from your friend to quench the thirst for nicotine when in need.

Differentiating Different Products

While the products may on the face of their appearance seem identical, the underlying differences are brought by quality, producer brand, the safety measures and ingredients applied. The top notch products have focused on the advancement of the batteries, cartridge and displays through tiny LEDs. The newest make have features such as long lasting batteries, premium vapor and better tastes than their predecessors a few years back. Some of the old ones are still offered in the market and taste completely different from the novel makes. The most popular brands in the US today include, V2 e cigs, SmokeStick, Apollo, Bull Smoke and Halo. However, these are not rated globally you can skim reviews and select the products that satisfy your needs and preferences today. There is a difference in these products that is commitment struck by the manufacturer, do not just go for e cigs because you sighted it on a certain website being promoted or marketed. The manufacturers have to possess the relevant resources such as engineers who can design novel models, sufficient testing labs and satisfying vapor.

There are many top electronic cigarettes brands that you can purchase through online markets or from local dealers. The advantage with the e cigs is that they are not smoked but inhaled. Thus you can inhale nicotine based on the levels that will satisfy your special requirements. In addition, rechargeable products are especially cost effective as the cost of replenishing the cartridge is not comparable to purchasing a packet of disposable cigarettes. They are also safer as they do not have the toxic ingredients present in the traditional cigarettes. The user only inhales vaporized nicotine instead of smoke this mitigates on the adverse health impacts that would be posed by a regular tobacco stick. They have also not been banned from public places unlike the classical tobacco products that have been prohibited in most jurisdictions.