LOS ANGELES A Los Angeles city panel last week urged the FDA to regulate electronic cigarettes, banning them in the same locations where cigarettes are prohibited, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

The action is the latest by the council to try to regulate e cigarettes. Last year, it voted to limit their sales to minors.

The city must join with the rising chorus of voices that call for sensible regulations of this product, including the Association of Attorney Generals and the American Lung Association, said Councilman Mitch O Farrell.

Jason Healy, president of blue Cigs, said the city s action is premature. The FDA has already said it plans to oversee e cigarettes, they just need to develop the regulations, he said. I can see where banning e cigarettes could lead to an increase in smoking regular cigarettes.

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Some officials are concerned that the Internet could become an easy source for cigarettes.

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