Radioactive Man advertising Laramie. Added by Jhonevans

Several characters smoke Laramie Cigarettes. Edna Krabappel (who also smokes menthol cigarettes) smoked one in Lemon of Troy right before writing on the board with it. In Duffless, Bart tests Laramie Cigarettes on Santa’s Little Helper. Patty and Selma Bouvier are both seen consistently smoking Laramies almost every time they appear. The playground bullies are often seen playing with Laramie boxes, and smoking.

The Laramie logo that appears in At Long Last Leave Added by Tommy12138 Laramie Marketing Edit

Laramie Cigarettes is constantly trying to market their cigarettes to minors. They sponsored the Radioactive Man television show in the 1950s, and the company’s mascot is called Menthol Moose (a takeoff on Joe Camel). They are also the main sponsor of the Little Miss Springfield competition. In “E I E I D’oh”, they tried to buy the rights to Homer’s new ‘Tomacco’ fruit (half tomato, half tobacco).


During the ad for the Little Miss Springfield pageant, company president Jack Larson lights up a Laramie Hi Tar cigarette, takes a drag on it, then says, “Ah, That Sweet Carolina Smoke!” In Homer’s Phobia, a billboard for Laramie Slims has the slogan “Pure Enjoyment…


Despite the Joe Camel references, the logo and package design of Laramie cigarettes look almost identical to that of Marlboro Cigarettes. The name of the cartoon smokes is apparently in reference to the town of Laramie, Wyoming which, like Marlboro, is known for having a cowboy and wild west image. (Laramie banned smoking in enclosed workplaces, including bars and restaurants in 2004.)

In the 2001 episode “HOMЯ” it is revealed in an old infomercial that the cigarette of choice of Itchy and Scratchy is “Laramie Extra Tar,” now with more “nico glycerol.” According to fellow celebrity endorser Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, contents of the cigarette are unknown, but he claims “I just know I can’t stop smoking them.” Itchy, Scratchy and Rochester proceed to laugh, smoke, and cough heavily.

In the episode “Three Men and a Comic Book,” a commercial is shown of Radioactive Man pitching Laramies Fallout Boy asks when he can smoke, just like his hero (he is told, “Not until you’re 16.”). This was a spoof of 1960s era Winston commercials where cartoon characters most notably, The Flintstones starred in the commercials and were seen smoking.

Laramie BrandsEdit

  • Laramie Hi Tars
  • Laramie Extra Tars (“now with more Nico Glycerol!”)The Laramie ad that appears in the Simpsons Road Rage Added by Tommy12138
  • Laramie Slims


  • Patty and Selma Bouvier Laramie Hi Tars are their brand of choice.
  • Jack Larson, president of Laramie Cigarettes.

Behind the LaughterEdit

Laramie Cigarettes is a parody of cigarettes and cigarette advertising in general, and in particular of cigarette advertising in the USA during the 1950s and 1960’s era. Their brand proudly advertises the high amount of tarry residue in their cigarettes, a known carcinogen.

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  • Episode “Lisa the Beauty Queen”
  • Episode “Lemon of Troy”
  • Episode “Duffless”
  • Episode “The Homer They Fall”
  • Episode “E I E I D’oh”
  • Episode “Three Men and a Comic Book”
  • Episode “HOMЯ”
  • Episode “At Long Last Leave”
  • Video game The Simpsons Hit and Run
  • Video game The Simpsons Road Rage

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