lm_blue_labelL&M is a brand of cigarettes, which was created by Ligget and Myers Tobacco Company (this company was established in 1873). L&M is only a shortened form of the entire name of this company. These cigarettes are extremely wide-known nowadays.

Particularly, youthful smokers are attached to this brand. The smooth taste of these cigarettes and incredible flavor are exactly the product features, which are what a youthful and just youngster needs in consistently life. The cost is additionally not high and reasonable for everyone.

L&M cigarettes won the hearts of numerous smokers and lots of compliments from fan-smokers because of their extraordinarily prepared mixture of every single primary sort of tobacco.

These cigarettes have such exceptional fragrance and full flavor that it is actually impossible to miss them. In principle, this is the uniqueness of L&M cigarettes. It offers the smoking experience that was desired for such a long time and smokers can now get what they needed.

Presently, these cigarettes are distributed in 60 nations and their sales progress has got to be one of the topline enhances in the history of tobacco industry.

Reasonable costs of L&M cigarettes, which are produced from the superior-quality tobacco sorts; they are a special kind of attracttion for millions of smokers. What’s more, there is no smoker would like to say that he does not care for nice offers of cigarettes at markdown prices.

This is a turning point in everything what refers to the purchase of cigarettes, other questions alike the taste and pack design will appear after you get to know the price.

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