Lucky Strike cigarettes are a logo of tobacco merchandise. This is one of the oldest and most popular brands within the international market, which was first introduced to customers in 1869, and now its range can be seen everywhere. Intake of fortunate strike cigarettes always occupies the top locations of the scores – the once a year intake of those cigarettes is about 30 billion pieces.

In 2006, the manufacturing of Lucky Strike cigarettes in the America became curtailed, however, British American tobacco keeps to supply and promote the emblem in Europe. The producer very strictly adheres to a solid ratio of fee and nice, continuously improves the manufacturing era and develops new types of cigarettes demanded via clients.

Lucky Strike cigarettes have the following type: Lucky Strike Original Red – 10 tar, zero.8 nicotine. To be had without or with an orange clear out, classic and one of the first sorts. Lucky Strike Additive Free Red – 10 tar, zero. Nine nicotine. The “additive-free” model of lucky strike, this is, because the producer proclaims, the tobacco mixture in these cigarettes does now not incorporate any flavors and sauces. Connoisseurs of the emblem find in it a true tobacco aroma, the “golden imply” in strength and flavor. Made in noble gold with a traditional crimson layout. Lucky Strike Click & Roll – 7 tar, zero.6 nicotine. A present day style of fortunate strike with thinner cigarettes in evaluation to the original series. They have got one menthol pill. It’s miles allowed to overwhelm it, but you could smoke and so on.

What are Lucky Strike cigarettes?

Lucky strike cigarettes are made through a unique technology of roasting, and now not drying tobacco, which offers them a unique flavor, aroma and impact this is appreciated not simplest by using lovers of the emblem. Having as soon as tried fortunate strike cigarettes, maximum do no longer element with this brand. The pleasant and availability of tobacco can be validated by reducing the product – in cigarettes you could see complete leaves of plant starting place, tightly and frivolously filled right into a paper tablet. Paper for cigarettes is also selected special, skinny, improved with a special composition that improves the smoldering of tobacco, but does not intrude with taste sensations.