marlboro_filterMarlboro cigarettes are the most popular brand worldwide. These tobacco products are the most commonly wide-spread. After the delivery of tobacco into Europe, it solemnly began its march across the world.

Today there are more than a hundred brands of cigarettes, and some of them are already about 70 years old. Philip Morris International is one of such companies.

Under its support more than a dozen of the worlds leading cigarette brands saw the light. Branches of the company are located all over the world, so that more people know about the longstanding American tradition of the company.

Thus, the history of the world-famous brand Marlboro begins in 1942. It was then on trial to introduce these cigarettes. Since then, the company swung to evolve rapidly, there began to appear more and more of these kinds of cigarettes.

By constantly improving of production technology and trying to mix the tobacco from different countries, the brand gradually developed its own unique style and taste, which is easy to distinguish from its competitors. An even greater fame and spread was brought to the corporation by the participation as a sponsor in the sport, but namely in the race “Formula-1”.

This distinctive color “Ferrari” and logo on the hood of the car caught the attention of the public to the mark just starting its career. Today, Marlboro cigarettes are the most sold cigarettes all over the world.

The abundance of flavor palette, tobacco strength, as well as variations of cigarettes strength allow each of the judges to find something different, something that a brand will bring into its personality.

Branches of the corporation produce this cigarette brand worldwide, and the taste of each country is different. It is quite difficult to find truly American cigarettes and original branded taste.

Yes, some sites offer such shipments, but there is no guarantee that you will get exactly what you want. Moreover, the pricing policy in each of the sites varies, and so you have to spend hours of precious time to find the optimal correlation of price and quality.

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