monte-carlo-blueMonte Carlo Cigarettes are made and marketed by JT International Tobacco Company, which is an enterprise undertaken jointly by two main players of the tobacco industry. This company was established when Japanese Tobacco Company acquired R.J. Reynolds in 1999. The Japanese Tobacco Company has been active in this business for more than a century. The main office of the company is situated in Tokyo but this brand is mainly running tobacco business in Europe.

Monte Carlo cigarettes represent the brand of cigarettes which symbolizes the outstanding example of luxuriousness and high social position. Monte Carlo cigarettes received their name due to the well-known place in Europe. This brand is an attribute of style and trend. That is why the person, who smokes it, is considered a prosperous one.

The product itself is not too harsh but intensive enough for male smokers to prefer it for their regular smoking process. Smoking of Monte Carlo cigarettes creates a sophisticated sensation and experience; any person sticking to Monte Carlo cigarettes will definitely enjoy the very essence of the brand. By selecting Monte Carlo cigarettes, you dive into the world of style and true splendor.

Monte Carlo cigarettes are offered in many versions containing specific flavors, some of them are known as: Monte Carlo Lights, Monte Carlo Lights, Monte Carlo One, the Monte Carlo Super Lights, Monte Carlo Menthol and much more. These flavors are obtainable in three options and namely in King Box, Hard Box and Soft Box. The producers have invented so many variants just for one obvious purpose to meet the expectations and needs of different categories of smokers. This means that when smoking Monte Carlo cigarettes you become absolutely satisfied.

But we should not only describe the quality of the product but pay attention to the packaging of the product. It is also trendy and chic. The pack is simple; but delicate. Delicacy is what makes the high class. And everyone knows that the product contained is of high quality. The color of the pack is mainly white with a colored band in the middle where the name of the brand and the logo are printed. Each box contains a picture of the royal lion logo. This logo is the very essence of the Monte Carlo cigarettes.

If you are a first-time smoker and decide to try these cigarettes, you can choose this product at a competitively low price online.  Enjoy your life with the versions of Monte Carlo cigarettes such as Monte Carlo Red, Monte Carlo balanced Blue/Monte Carlo Lights, Monte Carlo Subtle Silver/Monte Carlo Super Lights, Monte Carlo Fine White/ Monte Carlo One, Monte Carlo Super Slims intrigue, Monte Carlo Super Slims fantasy, Monte Carlo Super Slims Silk and Monte Carlo Super Slims Fresh Menthol.