Monte Carlo cigarettes are a young cigarette brand developed by R.J. Reynolds. According to the concept of the JTI holding, which owns the brand, cigarettes are positioned as strong and inexpensive.

Currently, production facilities are concentrated in Japan, but the brand is found in tobacco shops in the USA, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Principality of Monaco, Switzerland, Mexico, Slovenia, Colombia and Romania. Such a list of countries suggests that the brand has managed to gain global popularity and boldly conquers the tops of sales, systematically gaining the trust of smokers in different parts of the world, regardless of their financial situation.

JTI chose a classic American mix as the filling for inexpensive cigarettes. As a result, Burley, Oriental and Virginia smoking tobaccos, popular around the world, are included in all Monte Carlo cigarettes. It is worth noting that the taste of Monte Carlo cigarettes is at its best: in the manufacturing process, well-dried, selected tobacco with excellent smoking properties is used.

Monte Carlo cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine and tar, which makes them very strong, and their taste is rich and expressive. Such a blend is suitable, first of all, for experienced smokers who prefer one classic cigarette to two newfangled “slims”. With each puff, a tart smack of tobacco is felt, and on exhalation, a lot of fragrant smoke with a thick bluish veil is formed.

Filtered Monte Carlo cigarettes are created by the Japanese company Japan Tabacco International. They are positioned as an inexpensive tobacco product for a wide audience. Sold in a convenient cardboard box. The obverse shows the coat of arms of the capital of Monaco, after which the trademark was named.

The Monte Carlo cigarettes smoking blend is made from carefully selected, competently dried and processed leaves of Virginia, Oriental and Burley – popular varieties of tobacco. Cigarettes have a pleasant, full-aroma taste with a moderate gum content. Monte Carlo cigarettes are endowed with a persistent fragrant aroma and a slightly pronounced tart aftertaste.