Monte Carlo CigarettesThe Monte Carlo cigarette brand is a byword for opulence and a sign of high stature. They are named after the famous place in Europe; these cigarettes bring the style and grace to the person who smokes them. These cigarettes are not especially strong, but they are sufficiently strong for those who got used to consume them regularly. While smoking the Monte Carlo cigarettes, smokers get a sophisticated view of life and feelings. That person who consumes cigarettes of this brand will truly enjoy the smoking experience. In the world of cigarettes, this brand is considered as the epitome of style and a mark of true splendor.

The Monte Carlo Cigarettes are produced and distributed by JT International Tobacco Company, which is a joint venture of two giants of the tobacco industry. This company was created when Japanese Tobacco Company purchased the R.J. Reynolds in 1999. The Japanese Tobacco Company was in the business of producing tobacco products since 1898. The headquarters of the company are in Tokyo, but the production of this brand is mainly based in Europe.

The Monte Carlo has many varieties based on different flavors, some of them are: Monte Carlo Lights, Monte Carlo Lights, Monte Carlo One, the Monte Carlo Super Lights, Monte Carlo Menthol and much more. These flavors are available in three styles namely in King Box, Hard Box and Soft Box. The manufactures have introduced so many variants in order to cater to the needs of different people and their different preferences. Monte Carlo variants are well-known for their high quality tobacco taste and aroma.

The supreme quality of the product is not its only attraction feature; the packaging of these cigarettes is stylish and elegant as well. The pack is neat, cool, yet simple. This clearly goes well with the high class and value of the product supplied in these packages.

The overall color of the pack is white with a colored band around the middle, which contains the name of the brand and the logo. Each package also has a picture of the royal lion logo that indicates the Monte Carlo cigarettes.

So, this product symbolizes the luxury, the royal atmosphere of Monte Carlo’s casinos. It is a great sensation that anyone could try only by smoking this cigarette brand.

This brand brings a great smoking pleasure because it has a highly-flavored tobacco. If you have ever tasted this brand you would never want to change it. This brand offers you sensations you have never experienced before.