monte-carlo-blueMonte Carlo cigarettes are a relatively young cigarette brand, but it has already gained the trust of millions of adult smokers in 55 countries where this discount brand is currently distributed.

Monte Carlo was launched in 1990. Then it was a regional low-cost cigarette brand, which was intended for Eastern European and Middle East adult smokers.

The Japan Tobacco International, one of the leading tobacco companies in the world and the owner of this brand wanted it to be oriented toward price-concerned consumers, who were looking for a high quality alternative to premium tobacco brands.

The Monte Carlo brand became surprisingly popular shortly after its launch, because consumers appreciated the superb quality and evidently low prices of these cigarettes.

Many adult smokers are loyal to the Monte Carlo cigarettes brand since it is available in a number of varieties, which vary with regard to the proportions of nicotine as well as length.

If you prefer to smoke king-size cigarettes, you can select Monte Carlo Red, or Monte Carlo Blue, or Monte Carlo Silver, or Monte Carlo White. These styles represent a broad assortment; therefore, every adult smoker will be able to select the personally preferred Monte Carlo cigarettes, no matter if a smoker prefers stronger or lighter cigarette versions.

The Japan Tobacco International is regarded as the first tobacco industry giant that launched the super slim cigarettes, and the company could not avoid implementing such innovations into the Monte Carlo brand family. Therefore, the Monte Carlo Super Slims and Monte Carlo Super Slims were introduced to the market two years ago. These long (100 mm) and elegant cigarettes are distinguished with a delicate and smooth taste, gorgeous aroma and feather-light smoke, which will match the needs of adult female smokers, who prefer to keep up with the trends.

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