Tobacco impresses people; it is well-known since a long time. But many people consider it as a rough business. People of art often consider tobacco as a vulgar behavior.

In reality, tobacco inspires people to the creative activity.

We can refer to the famous examples from history. Remember, for example, the pieces alike the Johann Sebastian Bach’s Edifying Thoughts of a Tobacco-Smoker.

Jazz musicians, pianists, rockers, rappers…, man, it is not a complete list of people of music, consuming tobacco. That’s not any wonder if we think concretely.

Tobacco makes an impact on a human, makes people think rapidly, be more active in their doings.

Tobacco means a plenty of different flavors, which contribute to the comprehension of the surrounding world.

We all know that the music is a reflection of our surrounding. Music fans know quite well that they get a number of images in their mind while listening to the music. Man, it is great to listen to music, closing the eyes and feeling to apparently appear in the external world where onle music images exist. No world can be imagined without smells. Those who appear in that world, imagine smelling its flavors as well. Skillful musicians are able to reproduce these flavors with their music. Tobacco consumption is a great opportunity to satisfy the music with apparent flavors. Does it sound comically? No way. Musicians are able to reproduce such things among the sounds. We maybe do not remark it, but there are stable associations perceived with the music.

Cigarettes grant smokers a great number of various, spicy, trendy aromas. Aromas interact with the human brain, creating a positive and romantic mood.

Inhaling spicy smokes, users suddenly get ideas, which they would never have under other circumstances!

Art demands sacrifice, this is an axiom. Users must be feared by high public health expenses published by the US authorities.

Any stimul has a reverse action as well. Of course, people can also suffer from side effects and their treatment can cost much. But healthcare costs are high in any modern country. This is our reality that people must work productively and overcome stresses every day. A great share of the country population reaches this goal with smoking, which has both positive and negative effects on them. Would the medical care costs be lower if people fell, being overstressed and having no regular remedy to overcome such state?

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