newport cigarettesNewport cigarettes were initially created in 1957. This brand has the name of menthol tobacco products from Lorillard (Greensboro, North Carolina, United States) Company.

Newport cigarettes occupy about 35% of sales among the total number of menthol cigarettes in the United States. They were also quite popular among African-Americans living in the United States.

Thus, the results of the survey conducted in 2005, revealed that slightly more than 49% of all cigarettes entering the implementation in the African-American part of the market, were namely tobacco products of Newport brand. Today, they are among the most expensive brands of cigarettes in the United States.

In the original version Newport cigarettes had a white filter, but more than 12 years later, it was replaced by a standard filter. Tobacco products of this brand are renowned for classical taste of tobacco, which, however, does not prevent from feeling the full flavor of menthol.

In the mid 80-ies of XX century, Newport began an advertising campaign aimed at attracting interest from the African-American part of consumers. Two years later, these cigarettes have become the fifth most popular brand in the US market.

In 2004, the research conducted by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed that the number of US teenagers prefer Newport tobacco products doubled in the period -1989 to 1996.

Researcher Karen Gerlach noted that in those years Newport cigarettes performed the most significant progress, gaining tremendous love among the Latin American and white American teens.

Newport cigarettes are produced in several versions: Full Flavor, Medium and Lights. Since June 2010 Newport Medium and Newport Lights in the United States have undergone a certain rebranding and became known as Newport Blue and Newport Gold accordingly.

Each variety is sold in 85 mm soft or hard packs 80 mm as well as in 100 mm hard and soft packs.

The number of cigarettes contained in a single pack is standard makes up 20 units. There are also more unusual variants in which one packet contains 25 cigarettes.

In some Latin American countries, for example, in the Dominican Republic, British American Tobacco released a limited edition of some varieties, such as Newport Silver (menthol ultra light), Newport Freezing Point (10 and 20 cigarettes in a box) and Newport Midnight Blast.

New varieties of Newport cigarettes received the following names: Newport Box, Newport Menthol Gold, Newport Menthol Blue, Newport Non-Menthol, Newport Box 100s, Newport Menthol Blue 100s, Newport Menthol Gold 100s и Newport Non-Menthol 100s.