newport-menthol-affNewport cigarettes are the “golden standard” of American menthol cigarettes. The advertisement usually shows the option Box 100’s (long cigarettes of usual diameter in a thick cardboard bundle).

There is an expression “jazz standards” – musical works created long ago and became immortal for fans of this direction. The analogy will seem all the more relevant if we recall the Newport Jazz Festival, a notable musical event in the United States, which has been leading its history since 1954.

The homeland of Newport cigarettes is a small town in Greensboro, located in North Carolina, USA. A distinctive feature of the newly made tobacco brand was the menthol taste. There are enough brands in the world, which, in an attempt to cover a new market segment, produce a series of cigarettes with a menthol flavor, but the creators of Newport initially developed a mixture of tobacco for menthol additives, so that the taste of cigarettes was balanced.

It is interesting that nowadays the American Newport cigarettes occupied 35% of the market of menthol tobacco products, which is very indicative of their popularity and quality. However, in sale it is possible to find cigarettes of the given brand with a traditional taste and aroma, which only strengthens its competitive positions.

To date, a 50-year-old brand is considered to be one of the most expensive in the US. In some areas of North America, the share of brand sales is 45-51% of the total tobacco market. An aromatic Virginia and a bright menthol flavor with a refreshing coolness – a cocktail of tastes of cigarettes “Newport” will not leave anyone indifferent. They are smoked young and old, poor and rich. It is worth emphasizing that the greatest demand for products in Latin America!

Regular and long cigarettes with a filter are available for sale. However, what kind of cigarette package you would not choose, you can be sure that the “golden standard” of menthol tobacco products will be in hand. It is noteworthy that the brand is often compared with the Newport jazz festival of the same name: the musicians created immortal works on which the others were equal, while the tobacco growers produced the best menthol cigarettes in the world, which became the “gold standard of quality” for others!

The lovers of cigarettes with menthol, we think, should, if there is such an opportunity, try Newport. However, you can find the usual (not menthol) cigarettes of this brand as well.